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Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind talks to us about touring, his affection for NYC and favorite music scenes.


And I don't know why, I don't know why... - Okay.
Just do a little bit of woody? Can I have a woody guitar? Chelsea Piers, or something like that, Pier 97.
Love New York City.
It's a second home to me.
I lived here for a couple of years.
It's always been a source of inspiration.
Inspiration moves around the city, but New York is always changing.
You know, like, I was riding my bicycle earlier today, we all brought bikes on tour, and you ride, you ride up the street, and you see somebody who clearly has a completely different worldview.
And that worldview is like, is open to something that you want to be open to.
So I get inspired by seeing the people that I know here.
And, you know, New York is suffering from the same problem that San Francisco is, which is, how to handle the huge influx of money.
So you see it moving around and, I like seeing the pockets of places that, the neighborhoods that come up in Queens and Brooklyn, where creative people can find a way to like, tap into the energy of the city.
Because, you know, over the last years, it, there has been a problem with it turning into a bit of a shopping mall for bankers.
Is it Cleveland? I think it was Cleveland.
Cleveland's got like, a scene going on right there, where you could like, figure out how to make some records.
And then we played Asbury Park, and Asbury Park is in a Renaissance right now.
You know, I first played there in like, 1998, and it was just a fucking war zone.
But it's this war-zone amongst these beautiful, beautiful Victorians, and I love that sadness of it, because it's all in decay, and like, the decay of greatness, somehow, is always filled with like, an easy kind of poignancy.
But now you go back there and, you know, there are families in the parks, and they brought back the big boardwalk back there, and their restaurants that are owned by locals.
And just block-by-block, you see people like, really building up their houses.
So I could see that as a, you know, that's a place where, really, a lot of things could happen.
And I was thinking about this, you know, I came up in kind of that whole Indie scene, and it was always a bit standoffish.
I think bands, either we're shy or competitive with each other, or some combination of both.
Now, it's really changed where, everyone's kind of welcoming, and I think maybe that's an influence of hip-hop culture.
Because, you know, hip-hop is always like, 'Come guest on my record', or you know, like, 'Bring all of your friends on tour.
' And it's like chaotic, but it's really like, you know, it's fun.
And this tour is fun like that, because I think there's a real sense of camaraderie and support for everybody on it.
Smile on the slander in her eyes She's the dark clouds swirling in my skies And the cocktail chatter all starts to dim - So it's just kind of like that, it's just that dream imagery, so people think it's ultra violent, but really, you know when you're in dreams you can't like stab? You can't actually make anything happen.
Like, people slip through trap doors on you and disintegrate.
It's kind of that.
To get away with him I took my blade - Hi, this is Stephan Jenkins, from Third Eye Blind, and you are watching Baebel Music.
I could see him bleeding differently like tear drops in the rain

Artist Bio

Celebrated rock band Third Eye Blind has announced the release of Dopamine, their first album in six years, on Tuesday, June 16. Led by frontman Stephan Jenkins, the album is a road-tested collection of songs chronicling the bands time on tour since their last studio effort, Ursa Major. Employing signature guitar riffs and rock arrangements, Dopamine is vintage Third Eye Blind a body of work whose songwriting details the personal relationships that have come and gone and the rapidly changing world we live in. A lot can change in six years, and while the sound has progressed, the recordings retain the endearing sentiment Third Eye Blind fans new and old have come to love.

Third Eye Blind have toured relentlessly over the past few years including huge appearances at music festivals across the globe. This summer will mark a return to amphitheaters and stadiums when the band embarks on an eight-week national tour with Dashboard Confessional. A full listing of dates can be found below, and information on tickets can be found on the bands official website, http://www.thirdeyeblind.com.

Third Eye Blind gained wide success at the end of the recording industry golden age. Their endurance and ability to adapt through the digital revolution speaks to the ingenuity and creativity found in the music. After four smash albums and millions of records sold worldwide, they continue to write, record and tour, entertaining their core audience while growing a larger, younger and more dedicated fanbase than ever. The band now work and communicate in a fluid new world where their music continues naturally to evolve. Their exchange with their audience is unfiltered, and being from the hub of the digital space, they are using it to develop a closer exchange with their audience, which will continue to flourish with the upcoming release of Dopamine.



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