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A few weeks back we sat down with singer-songwriter/novelist/composer/all around amazing artist Sara Bareilles to discuss her latest ventures in the world of theater, publishing, and the music industry. It's extremely impressive and you'll understand why we've taken to calling her 'The Empress of All Media' around these parts. Seriously, who writes a book, a Broadway play, and an album all within the same calendar year? Crazy people, that's who...NOT that we're saying Sara's crazy. Knock it off...we never said that! She's our absolute favorite and we felt privileged to be able to spend a little time with her. It's amazing that she had some time to spend with us, is all we're saying.

We met up with Bareilles amongst the power lunchers in Midtown at The Four Season Restaurant, and somehow managed to squeeze in a few questions from her fans while chatting, which we've cut up into a little bonus video called, Dear Sara.

Ever wonder where you'll find Sara hanging out in NYC? How she likes to spend her free time? The craziest thing a fan ever said to her? Who she follows on Instagram (It's not who you think...)? Or, on a more serious note, what she thinks of being a role model? We've got you covered.


- The areas around Electric Lady Studios is where I spent so much time when I first moved here.
So I have a lot of really fun memories of what it felt like to be recording music.
And the piano in Electric Lady, the Yamaha is...we have a lot of affair. I just... I don't know what it is.
Pianos have souls and there's just something about that particular piano that I really, really love.
My meditation practice, it's good for me.
It's good for me to do that and I don't do it all the time.
When I am doing it well, it's just a little bit of time in the mornings to just sit and reflect and be quiet, and just be with your thoughts.
And I think it makes a huge difference in my ability to sort of be in the world and not have rage.
It's probably not the craziest thing I've ever heard from my fan but I was doing these questions to audience members.
And I remember one of them writing in, "I really want to come to a show of yours in California.
When are you going to do a show in California?" And it was literally at a show in California.
I'm like, "You're standing in a show right now.
I'm worried about you.
" I've been asked to carry someone's baby.
I've been asked to do a lot of weddings, both like officiate them and sing at them.
Lots of people want to be my best friend, which I think is hilarious.
Yeah, it's funny.
People want all sorts of things.
Well I followed Tegan and Sara and they almost exclusively post about their cat.
Well, it's Sara's cat.
It's like almost only Sara's cats, which at first I was like, "Are you ever going to post anything else?" But it's been going on for such a long time now that it's like actually really enjoyable.
It's like I'm only going to ever see the cat.
It's a huge honor.
I am really passionate about young women and wanting to encourage more ways of giving ourselves positive messages.
And I have young nieces and I have a younger sister and I think about them all the time and how they're growing up in the world.
And I want to use what I do professionally and personally to instill a sense of confidence in young women.
I think there's a lot going on outside.
Hey this is Sara Bareilles and you're watching Baeble Music.

Artist Bio

I am sitting down to write my bio for the third time and I'm trying to think of what to say that you can't find on Wikipedia. There are lots of little facts and tidbits about my life and career that I'm sure can be summed up in a one-sheet, but that's not the kind of thing I feel like I want to be writing.

The Blessed Unrest is my third full-length release, recorded over the last 6 months and mostly written within the past year of my life. Last year was a transformative year for me personally, and I'm currently reeling from and reveling in the new. Among many life changes, I am a brand new resident of New York City. Most of this record was written and recorded here, which I believe has informed its sound in a most profound way. I felt the need to embrace the expansion and energy of the city, both literally and figuratively. That ended up being reflected within my songs as well as the process of recording them. Not only did I want to write about broader themes, I wanted to articulate those with production choices that helped both myself as an artist and the songs stretch.

With the help of my producing partners, John O'Mahony (Metric, Coldplay), and Kurt Uenala (Depeche Mode), I co-produced more than half of this record and I'm very proud of that. In addition to the production here in New York, I was able to work with Mark Endert (Maroon 5, Fiona Apple) and Eric Rosse (Tori Amos, Sara Bareillesthat's me) to complete the record.

While writing for The Blessed Unrest, I found myself to be open to the idea of collaboration for the first time in my life. Other than one song off my first record written with my band mate Javier Dunn, I have always hated co-writing. Back in September of 2012, a friend introduced me to Jack Antonoff from the band fun. and I suddenly realized how easy and inspiring co-writing can be. Our very first session produced the song "Brave" which would then become the lead single off this body of work and a song I am infinitely proud of. That session sparked a string of amazing communions with other wonderful collaborators, and I have ended up with a collection of songs that feel as much like me as anything I've ever done.

This record makes me feel vulnerable and exposed, and it feels right. I am consciously taking risks and feeling myself develop as an artist and a human being. The Blessed Unrest is a reflection of the driving forces that have moved me from one stage of my life to the next, and I am grateful for the divine dissatisfaction that keeps me marching on.



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