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Play along with us as we ask Vine sensation Ruth B to improv some musical nuggets with us.


Music and we're here today with Ruth B, who recently dropped her debut EP, "The Intro.
" We're going to be talking about that, and puppies, and Drake.
Thanks so much for hanging out with us.
- So, you got started on Vine? two million followers? - That's insane.
So, how did that happen? Was it a slow growth or did it happen overnight? - No, I think it built over time to be honest.
When I initially downloaded it, which was about three years ago, I kind of was just posting for fun.
Just stupid videos of my friends and I.
And then about a year later, I started singing on there, again, just for fun.
Didn't think anything of it, but people started sharing my videos and eventually I started gaining followers, but yeah, it was definitely a process.
It didn't just happen like that.
- Why did you decide to start posting on there? - I guess I really started posting by accident.
It happened where one day I was singing a Drake cover, happened to post it to Vine, and people really liked it.
I went from like 50 followers, which were all my classmates, to about a thousand in one night.
And I think that's when I just decided to dedicate my Vine to only singing.
- So, you mentioned Drake, who's from Canada.
You're from Canada too.
- Hometown, yeah, I am.
- What was it like? You still live in Canada? - Yeah, I still live in Edmonton, Alberta, where I'm from, and I love it there.
It's home for me.
It's born and raised.
All my friends and family are there so, yeah, it's a great place.
- You're a very good storyteller in all the songs.
So would you ever consider writing a book or poetry or anything like that? - Yeah.
Bucket list, I want to write a book.
Yeah, before writing songs I was always writing stories and poems.
That was my thing.
I never put music and writing together until "Lost Boy," but I love to write, so if I could ever write a book, that'd be awesome.
- What would it be about? - Probably some thing, some sort of fantasy.
That's my favorite kind of book to read.
- "Game of Thrones" or something? - I love "Game of Thrones," I love "Harry Potter.
" All kinds of stuff.
- Do you go to school? I know you mentioned classmates following you.
- I did.
Prior to this, I was actually in my first year of University before all of this, but not anymore.
I've dedicated all my time to music.
- What was your parents' reaction to that? Do they support you? - Yeah, they were extremely happy.
I think they knew that this was always what I wanted to do, and once they saw that I could actually do it and it was real.
Because I think, for someone coming from Edmonton, it doesn't seem like a real option just because music isn't a big thing there.
But once they kind of saw the power of social media and the fact that I could do it, they were just completely supportive.
And they've been great.
- I'm not sure if you heard about it, but yesterday, Coachella came out, well, the founders of Coachella came out with a new festival that had Rolling Stones and... - And Paul McCartney, yes, and the Who and all of them.
I saw that.
- And people are calling it Oldchella because it's all old musicians.
If you could play any kind of -chella, like make up your own, what would it be? - Oh, wow.
That's a great question.
Maybe Puppychella.
- Puppychella? - Cute.
Bunch of puppies just hanging out with flower crowns.
That would be cute.
I would go to.
- Yeah, I would be there.
- Do you have a dream collaboration? - I would love to work with Stevie Wonder.
Even if it was just watching him do his thing in the studio.
Play the piano.
That would be insane.
He's like my ultimate favorite.
- Do you have a musical crush? - Musical crush? I don't know that I have a musical crush.
I love Ed Sheeran though.
He's like, again, another just one of my favorites and I think he really got me into writing and stuff.
So, just his music, his album, so, yeah, I guess he could be my musical crush.
- Totally.
If we were to ever take your phone and look at your recently played music, sounds super creepy, what songs would we find? - You would find I'm really into Troye Sivan, his new album.
So that's there and then some Lauryn Hill.
That's always going to be there, my favorite so, yeah.
- So, Ruth, we've got this great game that we want to play with you where we throw out a bunch of keywords and you have to improvise a song based off of those words.
- Cool.
- But because you are a Vine sensation, we want to do a special edition with you where it's only about six seconds, so just a little phrase.
- Okay, even better.
- Are you ready? - I'm ready.
Let's do this.
I'm kind of nervous, but I'm ready.
- Don't be.
- Okay.
- Social media.
Social media, it is fun, hashtags for everyone - Yes.
The Little Mermaid.
- Oh.
Okay, fast.
The Little Mermaid, she is cool.
I wish I could go swimming in her swimming pool I would.
She's cool.
Her hair.
- New York.
- Oh.
New York is a lot different from home.
Sometimes I get scared and overwhelmed, I can't lie, because it's so busy all the time - Coachella - Oh.
I've never been to Coachella, but it looks hella fun - Reality TV.
- Oh.
I'm not really into it Reality TV.
It really isn't meant for me - Donald Trump.
- Oh, god.
I don't know.
God help America Because Canada is not about that life.
- Yeah, there you go.
Thanks so much for coming.
That was amazing, super impressive.
- Thanks for having me.
That was fun.
- Of course.
All right, cool.
She's a talent.
- Oh, thanks.
Love thing got me going crazy, baby if you want me, then you better need me

Artist Bio

better known as Ruth B, is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta. She started by singing songs on Vine in early 2013. In January 2015, she released her debut single, "Lost Boy", which first started off as a singing Vine she had made up. In November 2015, she released her debut EP, The Intro. She is signed with Columbia Records.



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