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Royal Teeth had a tough time cramming onto our interview couch for two reasons -- one, their strength in numbers (topping out at six full-time members) and two, their unbridled energy and enthusiasm. In our spaced-out interview room from The Launchpad, the band talks about the personal electricity involved in their live show, their essential influences, and some of their music video work. The band's bubbly disposition manifests flawlessly into the Louisiana pop sphere with contemporaries like GIVERS, helping to establish a new breed of bright, bashful music from the dirty south. Their EP Act Naturally contains several hook-laden hits, including the emphatic "Wild," a song equally as fun to experience as it is for the band to play it on stage. With a triumphant chorus and a sing-along mentality, it's the perfect microcosm of Royal Teeth's attitude towards music.



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Royal Teeth

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