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In addition to the carefree session we premiered last week, RDGLDGRN also sat down and told us all about what's happening in their whirlwind lives. From our perspective, they're still making sense of it, trying to stay humble in the face of such accomplishment. They also have quite a sense of humor about it. "When I was in high school I actually had Dave on my binder", jokes Gold. "I tell him that every second I see him because it makes him very comfortable."


- I can only really appreciate red things, you know? So, that's how I started doing this, like it's just a favorite color thing.
Everybody has a favorite color, you know? Like whether it's more than one or whether it's two or whether it's just one or whatever like that.
And then, we all just have, have our own thing, our identity back in like western Virginia, a bunch of friends and I, so here we are, like this.
We make music together, so we couldn't figure out a better band name than RdGldGrn.
- You know, I have a name, I have a race, and I have a place where I'm from and that doesn't matter now, because the first thing you can judge is the color that I have.
You know what I'm saying? So, it's like all those things, the first thing I'm presenting to you is that fact that I am wearing this color, every single day, so that's kind of a concept that comes into the music a lot, but that comes after the fact that he just started wearing red because that's what he wanted to do and then we just didn't retaliate by doing the same thing as him.
We retaliated by having our own identities within that realm or that world.
You know what I'm saying? - They, like bands always say, yeah, we have original sound.
We sound like nothing or something like that.
We're not really about saying that but we hope that... - People usually say it to us and that's what we like.
- Exactly.
- But now we put it in people's ear, so now they can say it to us.
- Yeah.
- This is the first time we've said it.
- Damn.
Damn it, we let them know our secret.
That's the second time.
- But yeah, once again, I agree.
- So, I came down one day to play drums on the song "I Love Lamb" and we did maybe two or three takes and it was like, all right, great.
And we spent all this time setting all this stuff up and I thought well, do you guys have any more songs? - You see, I have a pain that's in my side.
And it's coming from my pocket all the time.
Catch me if you can.
I'm messaging a friend.
- Yeah, so, we used to sound like the Beatles rapping over a punk song made by Bob Marley but I believe nowadays we sound like, uh, the Suns of Foroleum and Dave Grohl.
- I agree.
- That's pretty much what our music sounds like because, you know, with the acoustics, you get a nice misrepresentation of it all.
- Is there something wrong with saying hi? Woah.
'Cuz you caught me sending artificial smiles.
Catch me if you can.
- They're, they're really humble guys and we're basically students that are not worthy and they let us in.
They made us real comfortable and, uh, you know, Dave drummed our whole record and Pharrel produced it and wrote a song with us and that was amazing.
When I was in high school, I actually had Dave like on, on my binder.
I tell him that every second I see him, because it makes him very uncomfortable.
So, um, I used to stand it up and talk to it and the girls would be like "hee hee hee, it's so funny.
" Uh, yeah, and so I kind of grew up, I was listening to Foo Fighters.
Colour and The Shape was one of my favorite, most influential albums, like songs like My Hero, etc.
, right? Then these guys introduced me to NERD, so they were like really into NERD.
So I think for me, I was kind of nervous to meet Dave.
Maybe they were a little bit more, you know, nervous to meet Pharrel. SO I feel like... - My Hero's one of the first rock songs I've ever actually owned.
I used to listen to Smell Like Teen Spirit when I was younger but My Hero's one of, like, I bought it.
I had to have it and I wanted to listen to it.
So, I just wanted to put that out there.
- Basically, I lied.
I was trying to make a nice story, but it didn't work.
- Byamly.
It's Spanish.
It's Spanish.
- No, no.
This is what it says.
Now playing videos on POS.
- Now playing? - Videos on POS.
That's how we say Verizon files in Romania.
Shout out to Romanians.
Videos on POS.
Videos on POS if you'd like to see them.
- Okay, so yes.
This is Red.
I'm Red.
Hi, guys.
This is Red from RdGldGrn and this is Gold from RdGldGrn.
That's Green on the far left, your right.
Come and check us out on the internet, R-D-G-L-D-G-R-N.
RdGldGrn, also pronounced Red Gold Green.
- Dragon.
- Dragon, too.
We have songs out, Doing the Most, very special song to us because we worked with Pharrel on it.
- You're not supposed to like that.
You're supposed ... - That's on camera, bro.
- We got him in trouble.
- Thanks, guys.
- On that note, we're done.
- Uh, Red left.
You're watching Baeble Music, also pronounced Babble.
Biable and Blue.
- Thank you.
- All right.
- This is Ron Burgundy.
You stay classy, San Diego.
Well, I feel like they've got so much footage to work with.

Artist Bio

RDGLDGRN (pronounced red gold green) have already distinguished themselves in the DC music scene. Their highly stylized sound (that Go Go drum beat- a distinct DC rhythm) takes hip-hop infused punk and indie rock to create something refreshingly unique, is getting attention from fans stretching far beyond the DC niche scene.

Comprised of three members who identify as Red, Gold, and Green, RDGLDGRN began making music in their basement studio, drawing from a vast and almost ironically diverse pool of influences like Chuck Brown, Vampire Weekend, Outkast, The Neptunes, and Bad Brains. What many might consider a wildly ambitious, even impossible task to pull off, RDGLDGRN managed to effortlessly combine genres of music to create something new, something all their own, and something that has the music industry buzzing with excitement.

The band gained widespread recognition when they self-released a song called I Love Lamp on YouTube- a way for friends and local fans to listen to their music. They had no idea that within just a few weeks, the video would have over 100,000 views and the attention of many notable figures both in the industry as well as on the blogosphere.

Producer Kevin Augunas (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Cold War Kids) quickly took notice of the band, and in addition to producing RDGLDGRNs debut, also signed them to his label, Fairfax Recordings (Gotye, Tribes) in a joint venture with Universal Republic Records.

Upon entering the legendary Sound City Studio in Van Nuys, CA, a studio where Fleetwood Mac recorded 'Rumours and Nirvana recorded 'Nevermind, RDGLDGRN were fortunate enough to have captured the attention of Nirvana alum, Foo Fighters front man, and hometown hero, Dave Grohl who recorded drums on the entire album.

It wasnt just rock royalty that took notice of RDGLDGRN, the hip-hop community was also taken by the bands unique sound. Genre-bending artist, producer, and designer, Pharrell Williams (N.E.R.D., The Neptunes), co-wrote and co-produced the standout track Doing the Most, lending his distinct style to one of the most unique tracks on the album that showcases Greens undeniable talent for rapping and singing infused with Pharrells style of unusual beats and musical wit.

The result is a debut that truly demonstrates the groups ability to straddle genre lines, to combine musical polarities and unite both artists and fans over music thats multifaceted. However, its not the musical intricacies, or the obscure combination of influences, that make RDGLDGRN who they are. Its their ability to create something entirely fresh and new, something thats often overlooked in this state of the industry where musicians try to stay afloat by following trends. If you ask RDGLDGRN who their biggest influences are, theyd tell you the Beatles and Bob Marley. And while RDGLDGRN dont exactly sound like those legendary artists, they do share in common something less tangible- they all have made it a point to carve their own path by creating something entirely unique.



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