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Last week we shared our carefree, easy-breezy session with current band crush, MisterWives. They're a band going places, I tell ya, following their dream by the light of great music gods in the sky, and maybe even their spirit animals. As singer Mandy Lee explains, such youthful pursuits aren't always the easiest thing to embark on. "The hardest part about chasing your dreams is figuring out how to be true to yourself."

Misterwives think they've pulled off such a feat of balance though with their debut EP, Reflections. "The EP is a good reflection or representation of what the band has been this past year," Lee explains. "It was a nice way to stamp time and remember that this is what we did".

It's good to know where you've come from, but I get the feeling that's about all the reminiscing this band of Bronx natives is doing. They're obviously about pushing their career forward, snagging listeners with exuberant songs and performances on the surface and emotional storytelling lodged into the root of their music. "The things we're writing about are real and things that people can relate to," Lee told us. "It means a lot to us and hopefully in return means a lot to other people".


- I think the EP is a good reflection or representation of what the band has been this past year and it was a nice way to, you know, stamp time and remember, like, this is what we did and we did it independently, so it just reflected the band as a whole.
And even the artwork was, there's a gramaphone and all the animals coming out of it are spirit animals, so that, too was, yeah.
I'm the elephant and he's the dinosaur.
Ed's the octopus and Mark and Jessie are represented them as a hummingbird.
For some reason, when I asked them what their favorite animal was, they didn't... Mark was like, I don't know. The music or the message, the lyrics, that sticks with people because I think the things we were writing about are real and things that people can relate to and it's not just like hey girl in the club, put your hands up kind of thing.
You know? It's like something.... I don't know. It's something that means a lot to us and it, hopefully, in return means a lot to other people and like I've gotten some crazy Facebook messages from people being like I was suicidal and heard your song and like it saved me or like I look up to you and it's just mindblowing that music has the ability to speak to people that way.
Life on the road is incredible.
It is absolutely a blast.
We have our van Ginger that I decked out in like zebra and leopard print and it's very funky in there and I'm surrounded by four guys, who are not, not as... - Men.
Four men.
- Four boys.
But it's fun.
We're all vegan and vegetarian, for the most part, so I bought a hot plate and I cook for the band on the road, which is fun.
We stop at Whole Foods and yeah, we cooked in the van.
We've done, we get very innovative with our ability to make the van as home as possible.
I guess the hardest part about chasing your dreams is figuring out how to be true to yourself.
You know, we make music.
We don't play with computers on stage.
No backing tracks and that's hard to fight for these days.
- So, I would say it's balancing the business with the pleasure and making sure that both are juggled correctly.
- He's a great juggler.
I'm not kidding.
Hey, we're MisterWives.
Will! Where's the bass? - I thought, I didn't... Okay. I got it. - Do it again.
- MisterWives.
- Yeah. Ready? Okay. Hey, we're... - And you're watching us on Baeble Music.

Artist Bio

MisterWives - Mandy Lee (Vocals), Etienne Bowler (Drums), Will Hehir (Bass) began making music together in late 2012. Lee, the powerhouse vocalist who studied opera and songwriting at New York Citys only specialized high school for music and performing arts, was born and raised in Queens and met Hehir through a mutual friend and Bowler, a Bronx native, while working close to one another. The three immediately fell into stride musically and MisterWives was born. When it came time to play live, Bowler brought in old friends Marc Campbell (Guitar) and Jesse Blum (Keys/Trumpet/Accordion). They played their first show together in February of 2013 and were signed immediately to Photo Finish/Island Records after the show. In October, the band hit the road with Half Moon Run on their first national tour. The tour ended with a two triumphant sets at this years CMJ before heading out for a six week stint with American Authors & The Royal Concept. They released their debut EP Reflections this January and were featured as the first iTunes Single of the Week of 2014.



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