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"I don't like a lot of pop music," singer-songwriter Melanie Martinez recently told us. "But I like the idea of pop music. It can be so impactful and honest and real." Which is exactly what the 20 year old artist intends to do. See how in our sit down with Melanie.


pop music, but I like the idea of pop music.
It can be so impactful and honest and real.
Right now, pop music, it's not being used the right way.
There's so much, there's so much stuff that isn't talked about, and I feel like I just, I just wanted to talk about stuff that was honest.
your dolls.
We'll be a perfect family] A lot of pop music, now, is all about having a good time, and partying, and drinking, you know, whatever and like, getting bitches and stuff.
But, like that's not all there is.
smoking cannabis...] - I've had people tell me that Dollhouse was super, like, you know, it was like helpful for them because it, like, got them through a tough time with their family.
And, like, that is way, way cooler than like, you know, hearing about someone who got real drunk to my songs.
on your doll faces] through the curtains] smile for the picture.
] be a good sister...] - I want people to listen to, you know, something that's, like, honest.
That's what makes me excited about making music.
I'm just happy that I get to put music like that out there, you know.
And I'm really happy that people are listening to things that nobody...] - The whole point of the album was to take childhood themes and relate it to adult situations.
Every single title is, like, some sort of, you know, thing relating to childhood.
And then, the actual core of the song, the dark, gooey, chocolate ganache middle of the cake, as I like to call it, is honest and like, adult story or situation.
carousel, we go.
] I can never tell. I know...] - I think that it's important to, like, realize that there is a dark side, because it's honest.
I mean, like, nothing is perfect, so like, why pretend? You know? - So, Crybaby is a character who's based off of myself.
So, she kinda represents the, like, darker side of me.
And we have a lot in common, but there are also obvious differences in her story.
Within the album, she gets like, kidnapped and she like, poisons him with milk and cookies, and like, you know, that obviously didn't happen to me, you know.
But there are things like love stories on the album, like, that's obviously something like, things that I went through.
high, at the carnival...] - In the beginning of the story, she is kinda represented as this, like, vulnerable, really emotional, and very insecure girl.
Over time, through experiences, she realizes that there are things she can't change about herself, and, you know, she ends up feeling she's happy with who she is.
She's very comfortable in her own skin, and I think that that's actually how I have changed, from the time that I started writing the album to now.
I mean, this album's like, really special for me, because it's my first album, but it's also, like, me kind of coming to this point where I'm just really, like, comfortable within my skin, and I'm not as insecure as I was.
- Hey, I'm Melanie Martinez, and you're watching Baeble Music.

Artist Bio

Melanie Martinez is an unforgettable 20-year-old artist from New York a stunning and provocative singer, songwriter and visual presence. Her debut Atlantic album, Cry Baby, was released on August 14, 2015 and debuted as the "Hot Shot Debut" at #6 on the Billboard Top 200. On May 20, 2014, she released her debut EP Dollhouse, largely collaborating with Kinetics & One Love (B.o.B). The EP debuted at #4 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. Her self-conceived and/or self-directed videos for "Dollhouse," "Carousel," "Pity Party," "Soap," and "Sippy Cup" have driven her YouTube Channel to over 50 million views and counting. "Cry Baby" is "a distinctly 21st century twist of pop, spikily honest and occasionally barbed words served up in cinnamon-dusted melodies," declared Noisey, "a swirl of R&B curves, stuttering beats, and ratatat hi-hats." (Martinez) possesses an arrestingly innocent voice that just barely hides its true power," noted SPIN, "the bend-over-backwards ability to go for the jugular." "The juxtaposition of promiscuous parents, complicated love, and substances with carnival pop is haunting," applauded NYLON, but infectious enough to keep you coming back for more...like candy."

In reviewing Melanies New York show on the Cry Baby Tour, The New York Times wrote: "... the songs arent kid stuff. The music...perches prettily tinkling keyboards and concise pop choruses amid the slow, ominous basslines and twitchy percussion of Southern hip-hop a candy-coated variation on the dirges of Lorde and Lana Del Rey."



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