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Take Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear purely at surface level, and you have an authentic and soulful musical duo. The 3 songs the Kansas City MO group brought by our place for a recent session are roots songs of the first order, born and bred in the heartland, and ultimately offering something unique, memorable, and downright sinagable.

"The joy of having a child is incredible, it's indescribable". In conversation, Ruth Ward touches on what ultimately makes this group so special, however. Family. OK, she might have been referencing the birthing of their new debut album - Skeleton Key - which arrived healthy as can be 2 days prior to our session. But, her joy of playing music and experiencing the band's wild ride must be magnified knowing she's doing so with her son Madisen sitting by her side.

Speaking of wild rides, you won't believe the story the two share about what happened after playing The Late Show With David Letterman earlier this Spring. Check out the interview with Ruth and Madisen Ward and give the full-length session on our site a spin when you're done.


You've made mistakes.
You've done what you can.
And when your legs break you still got your hands.
So carry our sorrows and woes. Oh. Carry our sorrows... - We are from a suburb of Kansas City called Independence.
It's about 15 minutes away from Kansas City and it's a nice town.
It's got a lot of history.
- Home of Harry Truman.
- Yeah.
- Madisen was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
And then we moved around and then we ended... I guess you were three when we moved to Independence.
- Been there from three ever since and a lot of coffee house venues and stuff that we played in there.
Yeah, pretty quiet until we started playing.
- Music was always been playing in the house because I've been playing coffee houses and different things since I was 19.
So they would come and listen to me play.
- And it was bout six years ago and my Mom was playing in coffee houses and I started joining her.
We started playing on each other's music and each other's songs and became a duo then.
- Well the joy for me was I had been playing with different musicians all along at different times and then when Madisen and I started playing together, I thought "Whoa.
What is this?" It's almost like a part of me knew what I wanted to play on the guitar, knew what kind of sound I needed, and he hit it.
No one else nailed it.
But he nailed it.
And I just thought "Man, this is awesome.
" And then... - I've always grown up hearing her play my entire life.
We started blending our voices.
It was something really unique that we really couldn't find from other artists.
Carry our sorrows and woes.
Carry our sorrows and woes.
Carry our sorrows and woes.
- The record is called Skeleton Crew and it's sort of just like an organic stripped down album that kind of sticks with the nature of what we've always done in coffee houses and there's some accompaniments.
It's pretty intimate.
It's our first full length record we've ever been able to put out.
There was a real closeness that we feel to these songs, like an attachment.
- Like for me it's a like having a baby.
It was born on Monday.
The baby came.
It was awesome.
And the joy of having... I don't know if you all have children.
The joy of having a child is incredible.
It's indescribable.
And that's how I felt with this album.
Daisy Jane in a chocolate field, in a seven dollar wedding gown.
She's got a .... - Well we got stopped by the police.
- Yeah.
We got stopped by the police.
We were in a cab ride... - An uber.
- I feel like we should share this.
- The uber got stopped? - The uber got stopped.
I feel like we should share this with the world.
We were in an uber leaving Letterman and the uber, he made a wrong turn down a construction way and a policeman was behind him saying "Don't make that turn" and the uber makes the turn anyway.
Sure enough, we get stopped.
Everybody rolled down their windows and he asked the uber driver, he says "Why did you make that turn whenever I told you not to?" The uber driver says "Um... " And I'm like, in the back, we're all going to jail.
And then he says, "Well, they told me to..." I said, "What? We didn't." So he tells the uber driver, he says "So the reason that you made an illegal turn is because everyone in your party told you not to make this turn? And he goes "Uh No.
" - It was so weird.
We just left Letterman.
Everybody was on a high note.
It was great.
And I thought, wouldn't it be funny Madisen and Mama Bear have to be bailed out of jail.
Got the gown.
She's got that gown.
Got the gown.
Whoah oh oh oh.
She's got the gown.
- Hi.
I'm Madisen Ward.
- And I'm Ruth Ward.
- And we are Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear.
We're here in the good 'ole Brooklyn and... Let's try this again.
Here we go.
Hi, I'm Madisen Ward.
- And I'm Ruth Ward.
- And we are Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear here in the good ole city of Brooklyn.
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Artist Bio

Real Bio: Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear consists of Madisen Ward; and Ruth Ward. They are a modern soulful/folk music duo. Performing mostly all original written music in various coffee houses, for anyone who will listen.

Fake Bio: Madisen Ward grew up in a haunted farmhouse in the late 1800s; surviving on only Robins eggs and cactus milk. He plays music mostly to forget about his rotten past as a blind matador. Ruthie 'Mama Bear' Ward was a 14th century opera singer; burning wicker chairs in the fire place of her living quarters. She only performs music to get revenge on the murderer of the Renaissance Era.



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