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Last month, our friends at Cutty Sark invited us to capture an evening of insidious happenings at Brooklyn Bowl as part of the inaugural Cutty Sark Presents Series. There was booze, there was bowling, and most importantly, there were bands. Incredible bands, actually, each bringing their own unique offering of electric energy to the stage.

One of those outfits was July Talk; a blistering, confrontational rock and roll outfit from Toronto lead by singers Leah Fay and Peter Dreimanis. On stage the two are manic and mysterious...whatever relationship they have with each other is front and center. They are tense, sexual, angry, and insanely joyful all at once. "We try to base our music and our show on confrontation", Peter explained while lounging in the lanes before the show. "We're really comfortable within that confrontation and we're not afraid to push the audience outside of their comfort zone". Adding, "Really, we just want to feel like the stage is sitting in the middle of a hurricane". To that, we say mission accomplished.

Cutty Sark is gearing up for another 3 band offering of music next Tuesday June 30th. Small Black, Widowspeak, and Eternal Summers are slated to take Brooklyn Bowls stage as part of the latest Cutty Sark Presents. Get tickets HERE.


Brooklyn Bowl, Cutty Sark put on this event and brought all these fans together.
We're a rock and roll band, but we try to base our music and our show kind of on confrontation.
people are kind of into that.
They want to see a show that is going to be a little bit of something different you know, something edgy.
- Those two on stage do a lot of crazy stuff and people enjoy watching that.
It makes my life really easy, I can just head bang and play it really heavy.
- It's really comfortable within that confrontation, and we're not afraid to kind of push the audience outside their comfort zones.
Really we just kind of want to feel like the stage is sitting in the middle of a hurricane.
- It's just sort of trying to promote the human side of rock and roll, and being in a place where mistakes don't matter and the whole point is to push people and to make them feel more and more human as the night goes on, and kind of keeping that essence of what makes you who you are.
I think that through having a show that super spontaneous and we're okay with looking stupid.
We do stupid faces and jump around on everybody's backs and things.
I mean like that, it just puts you in an environment where you're not afraid to feel vulnerable and to feel human.
- I think on like one of our first tours, our booking agent gave us a bottle of really nice 15-year old scotch as kind of a congratulatory thing which is really nice, and we drank it all that night and enjoyed it.
- Yeah, we really-- - That's my scotch memory.

Artist Bio

With their sleek yet gritty brand of alt-bluesy garage rock, Toronto-based five-piece July Talk create rock & roll that's both boldly intimate and wildly confrontational. Each track in the band's repertoire is a conversation in song form, with singers Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay trading lines in a lyrical face-off that's at turns hot- tempered and tender, reckless and poetic. Onstage that conversation warps into beautiful chaos, thanks to the band's joyfully unhinged, spontaneity-fueled live performance.

In fall of 2014 they toured across Australia, Canada and the United States. The majority of this tour was documented in an online series entitled 'From The Road' shot and edited by award winning director Jared Raab. The results are gorgeous and captivating. Culture Collide writes of the series, "Jared Raab's cinematography is almost hyperreal; even a walk through a department store in search of Halloween costumes in the band's signature black and white aesthetic is like watching fiction. They do nothing to obscure this illusion; they ooze with charisma, and Raab has authentically captured their personalities on film."

July Talk formed in 2012 when Peter met Leah in a downtown Toronto bar, quickly adding Josh Warburton (bass), Ian Docherty (guitar) and Danny Miles (drums) the band begin recording a studio album in the summer of 2013. During which they toured alongside Billy Talent, Sam Roberts, Weezer, and Tegan and Sara. In 2014 July Talk was nominated for Breakthrough Group of the Year at the 2014 Juno Awards, and in 2015 they took home a Juno Award for Alternative Album of the Year. Additionally in 2015 July Talk's debut album was released worldwide via Island/Polydor/Universal Records. July Talk have played at multiple festivals including Isle of Wight, Osheaga, SXSW and CMJ. Additionally the band have announced Spring/Summer 2015 dates across the US, UK and Europe.



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