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Ladies and gentleman, we present to you, the handsome, the dreamy, the talented and the effortlessly articulate...James Bay. Is that you? It sure is. After three years of songwriting outside the spotlight, Bay is back in our lives, and back on our music crush radar. Hours before playing a sold-out show in Brooklyn, the English singer-songwriter sat down with Baeble to discuss his stylistic shift and overall thought process behind the making of his most recent album, Electric Light. "Artistically it was my responsibility to start a new chapter," Bay told us. His new album takes a fresh direction, and his style is following suit (Bye bye, trademark hair and hat). In the interview, Bay beautifully explained how he wanted to step outside the box that fans had put him in after his 2015 debut album, Chaos and the Calm, with hopes that his fans would be willing to step with him. Honestly James, if you put out a rap album we'd probably still be your #1 fans.

In this new mini-doc, Bay discusses his resistance towards complacency...not only does Bay dare to be different, but he insists upon it. "I believe one of the most important things and one of the biggest responsibilities for any artist is to evolve and change and to test themselves and push their own boundaries." Bay tells us who his influences were for this new album, and what he was aiming to capture, both lyrically and sonically. He didn't stray completely from the sounds in his first record...tracks such as "Us," reminisce of some of Chaos and the Calm's more delicate moments, bridging the gap between the two records. A theme of his album is unity and togetherness, and, as fans, we're really feeling that. Together forever, James. Don't ever leave us!

According to Bay, he's not going anywhere. "Maybe I don't even need or want to take a break after this record,"...something we really needed to hear. Check out our chat, and don't be surprised if you find yourself watching it over and over. Even if he was talking about lamps or golf, we could listen to him forever.



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