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Last month, Indiana indie rockers Hoops stopped by Baeble HQ ahead of the release of their latest album, Routines, to talk about the process behind the record, live shows, and more. While we had frontman Drew Auscherman in the office, we thought we'd also ask him about his favorite piece of gear, which happened to be his Roland Jazz Chorus 77 Amplifier, for Gear Talk Tuesday.

He explained that he decided to invest in one of these bad boys after seeing the band Slowdive use a bunch of Jazz Chorus 120s. The first Roland Jazz Amp he used up until about two months ago was from 1978 and he got it from a pawn shop in rural Indiana. Just recently he bought a new one from the 80s. Dig in deeper and learn about all of the fun knobs, effects, and chorus-y things Auscherman's amp has to offer.

Artist Bio

What began as frontman Drew Auscherman's solo ambient project, Hoops ultimately became a quartet in 2014. Named for hoop houses in the greenhouses which Auscherman used to work in high school, Hoops draw on influences from Prefab Sprout and The Clientele, and recall the idea of breezy afternoons and sticky summer nights in both name and sound. The fuzzy, summer-primed Hoops EP followed the band's first releases, Tapes #1-3, which earned Hoops early praise from The FADER, Gorilla vs. Bear, NME, My Old Kentucky Blog, Gold Flake Paint, and more. Hoops are currently working on their debut album which is expected in 2017.

Hoops is: Drew Auscherman (vox, guitar), Kevin Krauter (vox, bass), Keagan Beresford (vox, keys, guitar), and James Harris (drums)



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