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A few months back we met up with Andy and James from the seductive, electronic duo Honne in between breakfast tacos and the never-ending flow of beer at SXSW in Austin Texas. In addition to gracing us with low key and relaxing renditions of their songs, the pair also sat down with our crew to discuss that inquisitive name of theirs, how the project came to be, and their fantastic debut album, Warm On a Cold Night.


in an easy way, feelings that you either keep to yourself or you share with very close companions.
So it's very personal, and we think it really encapsulates the content and the lyrics that we're singing about.
Because it is on a lyrical front...it's either stuff that's happened to me or James personally or people around us.
And if you've never felt the sweet before I'll show you, girl What you've been waiting for at University and we started making music together.
Within a couple of days we were writing electronic music.
I think we spent those next few years sort of honing, excuse the pun, our skills production-wise, and trying to find our sounds.
And then eventually we came across honne, and it was a sound that we thought was a bit special and that we should pursue it.
- It was like a little bit what was late night music...a bit romantic. I think it was "Warm on a Cold Night.
" We wrote that and I thought this summed up what we were about.
You can keep me warm on a cold night Warm on a cold cold night Yeah you can keep me warm on a cold night Warm on a cold cold night - "Warm on a Cold Night," which as we said kind of was the starting point for us.
A little interesting story about that is that the intro... A lot of people think it was like an old kind of radio skit.
- Okay, it's 3:17 a.
You're tuned in This next song's going to keep you warm on a cold, cold night.
So if you don't got a lover, just close your eyes and listen to honne.
- Yeah so it's one of our really good friends and I live with him actually.
When he's hung over, he has this crazy really, really low voice.
He came in one night at one in the morning or something and it was like, "Tomorrow morning is going to be the one.
I'm going to come down straight from my room afterwards and we'll...I'm going to work it out.
That's pretty cool with me doing a radio intro.
You can keep me warm on a cold night Warm on a cold cold night - I want people to open up.
Because I feel like we've opened up.
Whenever we write a song, it's quite personal.
If it helps other people open up and maybe share something with someone else that they love.
Or if they're going through a difficult time... I think that's what I would like. ...warm on a cold cold night. Yeah you can keep me warm on a cold night - Hi, you're here with Andy and James from honne, and you're watching us on Baeble Music.

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HONNE are a British Electronic-Soul duo formed in 2014 in Bow, London, consisting of James (Producer) and Andy (Singer/Producer) who both write, record and produce the music.[1] The band released their first two EPs, 'Warm On A Cold Night and 'All In The Value, on Super Recordings in 2014. In 2015 they released their third EP, 'Coastal Love, on their own imprint Tatemae Recordings




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