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Baeble hooks up with Ryan and Moon from St. Louis-based alternative rock band Greek Fire to discuss their band, the inspirations behind their Big Hero 6 anthem "Top of the World", and connecting with people through music.


certainly fits in with our grand vision.
Greek Fire's an ancient weapon where you would, it was actually created by the Byzantine Empire and the Greeks, and the Byzantines would throw this concoction called Greek Fire, it was like a jelly type thing, onto ships.
The reason they would do this is because it would burn it down, and it would spread like wildfire, and water couldn't put it out.
So poetically speaking, it's a flame and a fire that just continues to spread and isn't so easy to put out.
like, gifted at something, I don't care if it's a bass guitar, drums, someone shooting a basketball, whatever, watching someone that's really blessed, gifted and kind of a genius at what they do, I get to do that, see that every time we get in a room and play.
That to me, for an artist there's nothing better than that.
- Not only are we all best friends, and we're all from the same town, and we've worked with each other forever, what makes it so nice, and beautiful really, is that there's no weak link.
In almost every band there's some sort of weak link, or something like that.
There's no weak link in this band.
All of us inspire each other.
- We are four drastically different people with very different tastes and personalities and all that, so, you know, sometimes-- - Are you saying that I'm not easy? - I'm saying you are not easy.
Different personalities, like that whole thing, like opposites attract.
You know, a creative environment, that can be tough, but it also can be way easier when everyone's not trying to paint a picture with the same color.
You know? I just blew your mind.
I blew my own mind.
he said that Top of the World, lyrically, really holds the gravity of what really Lost, our current EP, is all about.
It's about feeling lost and searching and going through, you know, you're in the middle of Hell and you're trying to get out and find yourself, or find something, or find whatever it is that you're looking for.
Top of the World definitely explains a lot of the things that we were in, and then we have been in, these past couple years, very personal, far beyond just the band or, you know, what we're doing professionally.
It was about a lot of sacrifice and what's worth the sacrifice to make a dream come true or to make something happen for you.
And like I said, I'm not gonna explain it completely because I don't want to take away someone else's definition of what that song means to them, but for us, yeah, it's representing a hell of a struggle and trying to piece together what's worth further struggle, and what's not.
- Think about it like, what music, how much it really matters.
Think about a wedding, you know, dancing to a song for your first dance at your wedding, or the music that got you through high school, or your girlfriend broke up with you and you're just, you're in the pits, dude, and there's this song or this artist or this record that got you through it.
Shit can be hard, especially for a teenager, that's a hard time in life.
So if I can be part of a band that connects with those people, and can make a difference in some way, dude, that's the best thing in the world.
The fact that I can go home and sit on my roof at two in the morning and strum some stuff, I can send it to this dude, he can put lyrics on it, these dudes can do their magic, and it can really affect someone's life, dude, that's the best thing in the world.
- Because music is one of the few friends that someone will always have.
You know what I'm saying? Like when you're alone, and you play music, you're not alone.
- Yo, I'm Ryan.
- And I'm Moon, and we are from Greek Fire.
And you, my friend, are watching Baeble Music.
That's Johnny.

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Greek Fire is a mission to capture the attention of a rock deprived generation. A mission to re-vitalize the spirit of rock music in all of it's purity and greatness. A mission to create uplifting, soaring music for those who need it now more than ever. Greek Fire is comprised of 4 young men from the planet Earth, each sharing an extreme passion for their respective instruments. Greek Fire is about purity and expression, poetry and mystery, the beauty of the journey. Faith in something greater, a quest into the unknown, a connection with the fire within. Embracing the power of words, the beauty of the guitar riff, the energy created through real rhythm, Greek Fire is a quest to resurrect the greatness of rock music for those who want something more. Natural melodies and rhythm with no cover ups, no pitch correction, no splicing and dicing it to perfection, just the spirit of that natural and attitude-filled first take. We invite you to the ride.




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