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The evening's headliner was Drowners; a hometown NYC band with a voracious appetite for both-high flying punk energy and head-catching melodies. The band's 2014 self-titled debut channels the ghosts of garage rock's storied past. If you're a fan of The Strokes or The Libertines, this self-proclaimed "misery with a danceable beat" will suit you nicely. It all went down rather nicely at Cutty Presents. Have a look at our chat with the boys.


- We're at Brooklyn Bowl.
We're gonna have a party.
We're playing a show with Cutty Sark, a fine whiskey.
Talk about our lives so great for a change You're normally so down Want to come out again Such a shame Last time you last so soon I tried showing up... - We bowl on tour quite a lot.
- I wouldn't say big bowlers.
I think we all, enjoy bowling.
- It's not my vocation or anything, but I don't mind to put my fingers in those holes and watch it slide down the lane.
Now there's not a shoulder cold enough for me to give her There's not a shoulder cold enough for me to give her - We're kind of doing misery, but, to like, a danceable beat.
It's like, upbeat musically, but miserable lyrically.
That kind of mix is, like, what I like.
So worth the trouble Life go the way I say I was never meant to live You're not going home tonight Fuck it, neither am I - We played a lot in Brooklyn when we started out.
- New York shows are a little tougher than a lot of cities.
- Yeah.
- They make you work for it a little bit harder.
- Yeah.
I can never remember playing live after we come off stage.
- It's like a, this blackout.
And then it's over.
- You don't think about anything and you just play.
You just, like, for me if I start thinking while I'm playing, then it all goes to hell.
... cold enough for me to give her, no - I had my first taste of scotch two days ago.
- We brought some bottles down to practice the other day, and they're not lying when they write "100% Proof" on the front of that bottle.
- Apparently I was really fun that night.
So I don't know.
That's just what I heard.



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