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In addition to the 3 soul-stirring acoustic cuts Delta Spirit transfixed our cameras with, we also had the chance to chat with singer-songwriter Matt Vasquez about the inspirations that propelled the creatives behind their new album, Into the Wide.


music] When the girl hit the ground, threw the padlock in the trash, Finally found out just how much it takes.
For one whole year he spent making me turn red.
Forget the light ahead.
Forget the light ahead.
- September 9th, our record, Into the Wide, is coming out.
Yeah, this is our first album and last album as New Yorkers.
Yeah, all of us moved from California except Will who had already lived here in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where we actually are right now.
We had a really amazing community in Long Beach, California and we had just done California, kind of been around the block.
Love it, but we always travel together and do things.
And we just decided, kind of, one by one, everybody wanted to move here to Brooklyn and we did.
And it's been crazy.
It's been two and a half years now and long winters, hot summers, beautiful springs and falls and great salt of the earth people.
We've had so much fun.
I've been in wiffle ball leagues and all the bars and the food.
I was helping somebody record last month and they are like, "Gee, Matt, it's like living in the Internet.
" and it is, you know, all at your fingertips.
Two and half years ago we were driving around looking for places to build out a studio, something like we had in California, actually ended up finding this awesome 1500 ft.
It's big, but there's no windows and the ceilings are really low and is on the first floor and it's right on the Newtown Creek so it's just one of the few EPA zones in America.
So when Sandy happened and full moon, high tide, hurricane, we got six feet of that Newtown sludge along our walls and had to mud out.
We were actually out of town right when it happened, so some amps and our guitars were saved.
Not all our guitars, but our recording equipment that we had, we lost all of that, so we had to rebuild over the year and we actually made it better than it was.
It was also a new experience recording in a place without windows in an urban environment, because when our first record we recorded it was in a cabin that we borrowed.
Our second record was in what used to be a chicken shack in Cotati, California where Tom Waits did Bone Machine, Variations and Black Rider and our last record was in Dreamland up in Woodstock and that's a beautiful, it's like an old renovated church.
Predominantly we're all stuck in this room and its like city elements.
Our AC broke over the summer when we only had two weeks of brainin'.
Yeah, this is actually pretty on the money by trying to write a song while you are being microwaved.
I had a vision about this very thing.
But it's probably in my head From now on, from now on, from now on, I'm going to be a friend.
- Yeah, the songs, kind of, came from a place of solitude and surprisingly or not surprisingly, they always say big cities are the loneliest places.
But just having all of this time to myself and Kelly too, just for the concept of the song and just being alone in that space and you're alone in a box with a bunch of rats and just smoking cigarettes and just making it turn into... It was already a way some, but just trying to, like, create some idea.
Kelly and I will come up with a concept of a song and then record a demo.
And then it comes to everyone and we all, kind of, critique until it becomes something. But it was a long... I wrote 45 songs for this record and I just kept writing and throwing things at the wall, hoping that everyone would like them.
Then finally we got to a point where we all felt really comfortable with the songs that we ended up putting on the album.
We always have been, kind of, write a song for the song's sake type people.
Kelly's the same way where it's like, a concept, album, or like, being like, "Okay, so we're going to do this thing and do this.
" It doesn't really work.
We always end up, kind of just... It's the short story in the song or the sentiment in the message of the one song.
So finding the things that, kind of, fit together over time, it takes a while.
It takes a big batch.
Yeah, we'll wait till it's over.
All the way it brings it to your knees Yeah, we hide under covers, live our lives through the TV screen Yeah, we'll all say we can't be found.
We'll all say we can't be found - We always have the aspiration to be as big and as impactful a band as we can be.
But whatever we get to do is so amazing.
You know, it's like to sell out 150 caps club is amazing.
And when we sell bigger clubs like 1600 cap, it's even crazier, you know.
It's just all of that stuff.
We're playing a main stage at a festival and having, you know, a throng of people in front of you.
It's like watching a whole animal or like being in the middle of an African Safari or something.
It's just crazy.
But I think that the attitude of "We get to do this.
" We are so thankful to get to play music and the songs that we write, people seem to relate to them so that part of it is crazy.
Wait till it's over.
Wait till it's over.
- Hey this is Matt Vasquez from Delta Spirit Spirit and you're watching Baeble Music.

Artist Bio

Into the Wide was born in a flood-ruined, cave-like, rat-colonized room in Brooklyn. The band spent more than a year writing together in the windowless studio they rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy, a process Esquire says has "yielded some of the most stunning songs of their career to date."

When it came time to record, the band relocated to Maze Studios in Atlanta and teamed up with producer Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Deerhunter), who helped breathe new life and brighter energy into the songs while still capturing the claustrophobia of their creative writing space in New York.

Into the Wide is receiving early critical acclaim including praise for lead single "From Now On"Consequence of Sound hails, "The track has a booming chorus, as frontman Matt Vasquez warmly sings, 'From now on, Im gonna be a friend over soaring, arena-ready guitars" while
WXPN The Key furthers, "'From Now On is catchy, likable, and gets you excited to hear the rest of the album." Additionally, the albums third teaser trailer, featuring the track "Hold My End Up" is now streaming at Paste: http://bit.ly/1mev6eU.

Formed in 2005, Delta Spirit is Will Mclaren (guitar), Jon Jameson (bass), Winrich, Young and Vasquez. The critically acclaimed band has had numerous television performances including "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," "Conan," "Last Call with Carson Daly" and "Later with Jools Holland," as well as relentless touring and festival appearances worldwide including Coachella, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo among many others. Into the Wide is the bands fourth LP and first for Dualtone.



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