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For the second episode of Kiki and Indy's Current Music Crush, we decided to chat with Chicago indie rockers (who are now based in LA), Company of Thieves. Let me just say, the word "lovable" could not be used to describe these guys enough.

Two out of three members, vocalist Genevieve Schatz and guitarist Marc Walloch, arrived at our studio on a nippy January morning and conversation began to immediately flow off camera (not usually an easy task at 11am, but the two made it easy). Once we were on camera, we talked to the members about their six year-long hiatus. Marc shared, "We were going at a pretty hardcore pace, and then we had the cliche music industry struggles, and then all those things cause a lot of internal struggles. No one was really aligned anymore and it just felt like we needed some space." After that realization, they all had their fair share of space for about four or five years until they finally got together around a campfire (that they never started) in the pouring rain, and decided to get the band back together. Is that not the most epic story you've ever heard?

Now, after learning new life lessons and flourishing individually as artists, the trio is back together with their first single since the hiatus, "Treasure." "I'll just sort of curiously listen to [Marc] playing and then something comes from heaven or something. It just comes out. I don't even know how to fully explain it," Genevieve said on writing the politically-charged track which was inspired by the presidential election.

We also talked to the band about their new forthcoming EP, which features new songs plus an updated version of their 2009 hit single "Oscar Wilde." In addition to releasing the EP, the band is also embarking on tour. "It's a place where you can let some shit out," Genevieve said when we asked what to expect at a Company of Thieves show. "We wanna look out and see a bunch of downward dogs," Marc said. "That'd be so cute," Genevieve responded. And that's just one of the reasons why we loved talked to this band so much -- not only do they make cathartic indie rock bangers, but their passion is so evident when talking to them about their job, and they simply have hearts of gold. Kiki and Indy are crushin' hard this month!

Artist Bio

It was fate that brought two rebellious teenagers together on the train platform at Union Station in Chicago over a decade ago, as Company of Thieves founding members, Genevieve Schatz and Marc Walloch sat across from one another and became fast friends over a conversation about The Beatles. With two records, countless headlining tours, a late night television appearance, a charting alternative radio single Oscar Wilde and a dream-come-true music biz discovery story under their belt, it seems that fate that has brought the cult band back from hiatus.

The band quickly became a favorite amongst the Chicago indie rock community. After scraping together recording funds, the kids took a risk and independently released their debut album Ordinary Riches in 2007. They soon played SXSW, got discovered and re-released "Ordinary Riches" via Wind-Up Records in 2009, following up with their sophomore LP, "Running From A Gamble," in 2011.

With industry and personal struggles, the band took a hiatus and decided to pursue other creative outlets in 2013. Genevieve went on to release a solo EP Show Your Colors and tours the material accompanied by Chris. Marc released a solo record Through The Seasons under the moniker Spill, and also plays bass for AWOLNATION. The time spent apart for the band was an important step in each members journey to self-discovery, whether it be musical or personal, but ultimately, fate played its hand of cards.

We had been playing music separately and had been missing each other immensely. We would run into each other at venues and shows in LA and get misty eyed, says Gen of Marc. One night Chris and I were driving after a show and a car clipped the back of us. It was this moment where my life flashed before my eyes, and I thought - oh my god, I miss Marc so much.

Shortly after, the band embarked on a camping trip, where they built a fire together and expressed their longing to bring Company of Thieves back to life.

Whether it was on that train platform in Chicago on the highway in LA, or in their DIY recording studio, fate had its hand in bringing this esteemed tribe back together. As they say, you can never break the chain.



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