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When we caught up with with the sisterly duo, Chaos Chaos shortly after bouncing through a set at The Brooklyn Half Marathon Pre Party, Presented By New Balance, the girls were in the kind of giggly mood that's indicative of their chipper brand of catchy indie pop.

About New York Road Runners' Brooklyn Half Pre Party
For three days leading up to the New York Road Runners' Brooklyn Half on May 17,
runners and their supporters gathered at the brand-new Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge
Park to pick up race materials, get psyched, and had a good time at the Brooklyn
Half Pre-Party presented by New Balance.

There was plenty of energy, including music curated by Baeblemusic, DJ's, and
fitness classes run by New York Health and Racquet Club. Runners got their
participant T-shirts and bibs and enjoyed authentic Brooklyn food, drinks, and

For more info about the Brooklyn Half, click HERE
For more info about NYRR, click HERE

Artist Bio

Chaos Chaos is Asy and Chloe (formerly of Smoosh). We feel that its time for a change. Right now we are finishing up an eps worth of songs that will be released early fall. We wont be touring or playing any more shows as Smoosh, but have kept the Smoosh website and facebook so that we can still communicate with you all about our past music or anything at all involving Smoosh. Were so excited to begin this new project. We are calling it a 'project because it is an experiment we are trying to embody this idea of going all out with everything, including our everyday lives. Were changing ourselves like the giant amoeba that is a 'chaos chaos. Haha. In the Physics sense, this new name applies to us our lives have been disordered. Theres been an amoeba at the core of our music, where the form is always changing, moving in different directions. This is how we approach music, so in a sense this new band name fits perfectly! I know well make mistakes along the way, 'cause were human and all that, and because well be taking risks. But, we cant wait to continue doing this project. The process has already been fun and quite an adventure.

Imagine a giant amoeba. If you cant do that just imagine a giant blob. Thats what music is right now. Something that is always there and always changing and it can be turned into anything.



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