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We all have that one music video we daydreamed about dancing in when we were little kids. For some, it was Christina Aguilera's "Genie In A Bottle" or TLC's "No Scrubs." For me, it was Britney Spears' "I'm A Slave 4 U." Looking back at it now, I realize it was a totally inappropriate video for children my age, but nothing made me happier than when Britney came on MTV. So when I watched Betty Who's video for "Mama Say," I was completely infatuated. As if this lady's sweet vocals, Britney Spears-inspired lyrics, and straight up catchy-as-hell beat wasn't enough, she also topped it all off with killer dance moves. "Mama Say" was a gateway drug and suddenly I was hooked, rummaging through everything else by Betty Who - the intimate "I Love You Always Forever," the wildly fun "Some Kinda Wonderful," and of course all of the goodness off of her 2014 debut Take Me When You Go.

Ms. Who does it all, and when she stopped by the Baeble office all cheery and lovable, I had to ask her about what it's like being able to break pop star dance moves with so much confidence in addition to being a multi-instrumentalist. "I think that I'm a terrible dancer but I have so much fun doing it and so I love to do it more and more as I perform and grow," Who modestly confessed. "It's been something that I made the record around. I was like 'I want to be able to dance more on stage' ...And I definitely got what I asked for, for better or for worse." But digging deeper beneath the surface, past all of the girl crushin', Who's story is super important, especially for young women. "I love dancing and I always have. When I was young, many, many people told me that I was never going to be a dancer because I was too tall or too big or whatever... But tell me that I can't do something and here I am, doing it professionally."

If you're looking for pop music with a little more substance and a little more fun, you've come to the right place. Betty Who is a rising star who managed to light up our office immediately upon arrival, and now that her sophomore album The Valley is officially out, lucky for us, she's touring until "at least October."

Artist Bio

Betty Who blends indie and pop music into an irresistible mix of bold soundscapes, Top 40 hooks, and knowing lyrics. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, she played cello by age four and began writing her first pop songs in her early teens. Her voice is striking and memorable, and, according to Billboard, "shimmers with a self-assuredness extremely uncommon in an unsigned artist."

Her recent debut EP "The Movement" was welcomed with rave reviews, including being crowned "Best EP of 2013" by both Billboard Magazine and Popjustice, being called "This Year's Major One To Watch" by MTV Buzzworthy, and being called "The Artist Who Will Save Pop Music" by Idolator, with The Guardian, Digital Spy, Arjan Writes, Kick Kick Snare, All Things Go, Pop On And On, Jon Ali, and countless others chiming in with equal praise, as the EP soared to 250K+ streams and 70K song downloads.

She is currently working with producer Peter Thomas of Pulse Recordings on new material, and describes her artistic goal quite directly: "I'd just like to make people dance."

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