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Valentine's Day sucks. Yes, it's a well-beloved holiday about love and showing unbridled affection towards your SO, and I'm sure plenty of people are more than happy to receive gifts wildly beyond what they or their partner can afford. But it sucks. Why is it such a crappy holiday, you might be asking? (*Gets on soapbox*) Well for starters, grand ol' V-Day was only created by card and flower companies for the sole purpose of guilt-tripping people into buying expensive crap as an apparent way to prove their love to one another. On top of that, everyone suddenly thinks it's okay to show gratuitous PDA in public because for some reason, a random day in February turns roses, chocolate, and giant teddy bears into goddamn get-out-of-jail-free cards for making out on park benches. NO, that's not okay. That's NEVER okay.

Alright, I'm done. Granted, I'll admit I'm single, nor have I ever had a girlfriend during Valentine's Day. Might my tone soften a little when I'm actually able to experience the holiday as it was intended to be experienced, and not as a longing bystander who would for once like to feel the warmth of a meaningful gift or gesture from someone I genuinely care about? I mean...probably. I guess it would be nice to have that. Christ, I'm lonely. ANYWHO, I'm sure there are plenty of singles or broke-ass couples who share my contempt for V-Day. Well haters, I hope you like punk rock, 'cause I've got the playlist for you. If the thought of those gross heart candies make you want to punch through a door, then you might enjoy this little collection of some of the angriest, rowdiest, and POd anti-love songs rock has to offer. From Joy Division to Nirvana to Radiohead, your opinion on Valentine's Day will be abundantly clear to everyone around you thanks to this hand-dandy little playlist. And hey, if you and your SO happen to bond over anti-love classics like "Kiss Off" and "Die, Die My Darling," then by all means get pissed together. Happy V-day, couples. Everyone else, let's get our rage on.



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