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This year, I experienced Coachella for the first time and it was a wild ride. Obviously, I was there for the music...So the music was my favorite part, but man, I would be lying if I said I didn't love talking to the people in the crowd almost just as much.

Whether you've been to the major music festival or not, you know that the fans are notorious for what they wear. Yes, unfortunately it's not all about the music, and instead it becomes more about how many different shades of gold glitter you can fit on your upper cheek bone or how little clothing you can get away with wearing...But so what? We decided to own up to the stereotypes and embrace them as we chatted with a few random fest-goers. We asked them about their first Chella experience, who they're wearing (yeah, this is the Met Gala red carpet now), and of course, their drug of choice. Sit back and enjoy the many crazy characters we faced, so that you don't have to.



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