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Festival season is something I look forward to every year. There are many reasons why, but as a (super stylish) woman, one of the biggest ones is the fashion. Whether you participate in the desert-style scene or you observe from a distance, it's entertaining. Sometimes the fashion can even outweigh the music, with fashion magazines and celebrities posting photos of festival outfits all over the world. People go shopping for these things weeks, sometimes months, in advance. You know that crazy-printed top you have with the matching pants that's been collecting dust in your closet because it's too ballsy to wear to school or work? Well, save it for a festival, because anything goes. We promise.

In our latest video, "What A Girl's Festival Outfit Means," The Baeble Staff and Friends talk about different clothing we've seen at festivals...and yes, we have pretty much seen it all at this point. We discuss basic staple pieces like converse and sandals and we also touch on more sensitive things like the culture appropriation of feather headdresses (uh, racist?). We talk about what we can infer about the person wearing *insert clothing item here.* If someone was wearing a flower crown, what would that say about them? Maybe they've never been to a music festival before and picked out their outfit solely based off of Vanessa Hudgens' instagram account. Maybe they just overdosed on Lana Del Rey on the way there.

Are you thinking of wearing a feather headdress? Think again -- we're urging you to steer clear of that specific piece. Given all of the literature that's been provided on the internet, a white gal should not be sporting that shit. If you really don't care about being offensive, at least realize that you're being a total physical burden to the short people standing behind you. Are you a fan of extra short shorts? So are we! For me personally, I can't deal with my sweaty thighs sticking together, but I have massive respect for the women who have the legs to show off. What about a tie dye t-shirt? There's two ways that could go: you may either come off as a giant Grateful Dead fan (can't wait to see you at Bonnaroo!) or you may look like you forgot to put on a shirt so you stopped at the closest place by and that place happened to be a gift shop that also sells dated puka shell necklaces.

Watch the video to find out how we interpret other clothing items and hopefully it will help you to make a STYLISH AF outfit choice. Happy Instagramming!



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