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Making friends at music festivals is easy. In fact, it's one of the main activities. If you like being alone and you dislike people trying to talk to you, you may want to reconsider attending one of these things. We can guarantee that there will be random passerby's hi-fiving you and strangers offering to share their drugs all day long.


to the "Dos and Dont's of Making Friends at Festivals.
" Today, we will be guiding you through the Dos and Dont's of Making Friends at Festivals.
For our first do, do high five your friendly neighbor.
Yeah! For our first don't, don't forcefully slap them by accident.
Do compliment your new friend's outfit.
- Oh, well, it looks like a scarf.
- But don't steal your friend's outfit just because you like it.
- Do smile at others.
Don't lip sync mean things to each other.
- Come on guys, break it up.
Do share your food with others.
- Would you like some of my mushroom sandwich? - Wow, yes! I'm so hungry.
- But don't go halfsies on a funnel cake and then eat the whole thing by yourself.
- You stupid person, you ate the whole thing.
- Mmmm - I'm so hungry.
- Don't wear a giant sun hat and block the entire crowd's view.
If you see your friend struggling in a crowd, help them out.
- I got you, guy.
- Do read someone's body language before approaching them.
it look like I want to talk to you right now? Does it look like I want to talk to you? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
all right.
- Hey man! That's, that's not cool.
Well, that's it for today folks.
We hope we helped you skip down the path of friendship smoothly.
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" It's harder than it looks.
Thanks for watching.



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