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We all have one -- a day we hold dear to our hearts because we have chosen it as the best day of our lives. The bands and artists we love listening to are no different and they also have a day they consider to be the best in their career thus far. So we've asked them to share with us what their best day as a band/artist has been like. This is not an easy question to answer right off the bat and it took them a little while to think about it, but they had some great answers.

Hanson jokes about still waiting for their best day to arrive but have ultimately decided that playing Carnegie Hall to a packed house when some people in attendance thought they wouldn't show up at all, was their best day as a band. Izzy Bizu gushes about meeting Bruno Mars backstage and Moon Taxi chose performing at Bonnaroo because it gave them the feeling of validation as a true band. Others chose opening up for other bands as their best day because having people to share your music with is truly "The best feeling ever." Watch and enjoy the video for yourself!



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