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How Anderson East first get into playing music? Well, the Athens Alabama native conned his grandma into buying him a guitar of course. We learned a lot about this immense talent in our recent sit down and session. Have a look at our interview.


anything? Just... - Okay.
I'm Anderson East and this is called "Devil in Me.
" - I am Anderson East from Athens, Alabama.
There wasn't a lot of music growing up.
There was definitely Gospel music.
My Mom would play piano in church and we had a pretty good list of Gospel tunes that we'd call on.
There's a girl in Shelbyville... But other than that it was just a place to be a kid, run around in woods with 22 riffles and machetes and doing that kind of thing when you're kids.
And I always really enjoyed singing, stuff like that.
A guy down the street his older brother had a guitar and I was like "That might be coolest thing I've ever seen.
" And so I conned my Grandma into buying me one.
I was like "Grandma, this is what I want, a guitar.
" So she bought me one from Toys R' Us that had a speaker in the guitar.
I wish I still had it.
Yeah, that's kind of how it all started.
Cause it's Saturday night and I'm high and I've been drinking I kind of knew a couple changes on piano and I got asked to play this NAACP Soul Fest when I was 16.
The pastor comes down and says, "Sir, our piano player can't make it today.
" And I'm like "Oh my God.
\ He was like "Would you mind filling in for our piano player?" There's like a bass player and an organ player and a drummer.
I don't know how I play piano, I can just play these two songs! He was like "You'll be okay.
" And so I did my two songs and then they just kept calling ladies to come up and sing and these women would come up, call a Gospel tune, and boom, you're in. I'm like...okay. It was the most magical musical experience I've ever had.
It was just Gospel music and just big beautiful women giving it horns.
We recorded recorded the Muscle Shoals Sessions down at FAME.
That's where all those great Southern R&B records were made.
We grew up 15 minutes down the street.
It was the first time we ever got a chance to go record there.
It was amazing.
It hadn't changed.
People, let me tell you about my father There's ghosts or spirits in that place that you're just like, this is hallowed ground that I'm standing on.
It's something I'll never forget and I hope to go back and do some more work.
...for breaking their hearts and leaving them all crying I'm actually extremely happy that it's a live thing.
I think nowadays there's so much trickery in record-making that you can really shine up a turd pretty quick.
So I hope people see it like that's just real music.
That's just people with their instruments in a room together.
It was a blast, man, and I'm happy that's what people will hear first.
I just hope it comes across honest.
That's more important to me than a record.
There's parts in people's voice that I always think like that is special, that is bigger than me.
Baby, Baby, I'm burnin' Burnin' inside There's this run in Arethra Franklin's song "Angel" where she goes super high and then like just falls down, like screams, and you're like "Yes, I know it.
" I think that snapshot is like seeing the greatest part of somebody's personality come out.
That's quintessential music for me, something that's really special.
Oh and you're my only, my only medicine And only you, only you Oh, baby I want you, only you So the full length record's called "Delilah".
The songs from the Muscle Shoals session are going to be in there but I actually recorded other songs in a studio other than FAME.
I'm really happy about it.
It's a bunch of love songs, sad and happy, that all hopefully feel pretty good.
And I'm going crazy.
Baby, it's true Baby, I want you Oh, I'm telling you that only you will do Everybody can always agree on a good simple love song that you can feel something.
That's all it is, man.
It's just stories and emotions, really.
Well, I sipped the finest brandy Smelt the sweetest perfume And I kissed the softest lips even they wouldn't do I always always say it's a hopefully highly listenable.
Hopefully it's fun.
I just hope it comes across honest.
Oh, got PhD in TLC, and there's so many fish in the sea Now it's going to take more, more, more to satisfy me Oh to satisfy me I did that acoustic solo stuff for years and years.
But in this tour I've got the full band.
It's a lot of fun.
I like dancing a lot and getting sweaty and all that.
You can play with things a lot more.
Now it's going to take more, more, more It's going to take more, more, more It's going to take more going to take more, going to take more to satisfy me Oh, to satisfy me.
To satisfy me Oh, to satisfy me.
Oh, to satisfy... Hey, this is Anderson East, and you are watching Baeble Music.

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Anderson East (born Mike Anderson) is an American rhythm and blues/pop musician from Athens, Alabama,[1] now based in Nashville, Tennessee.

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