The Strumbellas Take On Evil In New Video For 'We Don't Know'
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 2016

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    Don't you wish you could transform your life into a video game when you need to escape reality and blow off some steam? In The Strumbellas new video for Hope number "We Don't Know," they throw it back - Street Fighter II-style - as they battle it out backstage and pay homage to retro video games.

    The video begins with The Strumbellas finishing up a performance and heading off stage. Backstage, the band members let loose with some friendly one-on-one sparring. With each battle completed, their reality slowly morphs into the likeness of classic video game characters such as Guile, Blanka and others. Things get real when "Lord Doom" appears to take The Strumbellas down and instead of fighting each other, The Strumbellas team up to destroy Lord Doom. They use the power of music to magically create a new character - Captain Strumbella - who uses all the sonic booms he can produce to duel the evil forces of Lord Doom.

    The video is a light-hearted, hilarious way to shed light on a song about finding yourself in a dark hole of hopelessness. But when you find yourself in the lowest of lows, all you have to do in channel your inner Street Fighter character and take on those villains. The Strumbellas will be on their U.S. tour this fall, which begins in San Francisco on September 20th.

    After you're done watching The Strumbellas fight off evil, check out our session with them below!

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