Justin Bieber Strips Down His First Number One Hit And It's Kind of Great

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I've talked about this a bunch on the site, but I worked at an FYE when I was younger. And during both of my major stints at that company, the nation was in the grips of Bieber-mania. And while I didn't have anything particularly against his brand of teenybop pop music -- dude has to make a buck and tween girls will always love their boy bands/pop stars -- we played "Baby" so many times that every time it would come on, I'd want to bash my face through a plate glass window (I didn't come to resent "U Smile" as much as the rest though and I have literally zero idea why). We had a DVD of music videos that we had to play on the store for like two months straight where "Baby" was immediately followed by Miley Cyrus's "Can't Be Tamed" and that combination became my own personal Hell.

    But the Biebs is back in the midst of a major career reinvention which includes his first #1 single "Know What You Mean" (produced by Skrillex & Diplo cause...f*** it. Why not?) and today he dropped an acoustic take of the track, and I think I kind of actually really like it. Is this what the world is coming to now? Does this make me a Belieber? Do I have to buy the single of "One Less Lonely Girl" now? This is a strange new world for me. Please send help.

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