Metronomy's Adventures in Londonland
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    The latest video from Metronomy, "Month Of Sundays", is shot like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, only instead of the rabbit hole it's London's Barbican, and instead of the White Rabbit it's Metronomy that keeps dipping in and out of view. Directed by artist Callum Cooper, the video dips and swirls through the Brutalist architecture of London, most notably the Barbican, using the brick and concrete lines of staircases and external hallways to frame the ever-uniformed band members as they rove indifferently, stopping only in poses designed to fuck with your perception of the space.

    Rude. Subtle. Excellent.

    Cooper's use of the Brutalist structures is something of a study in broken dreams, "All of those buldings were once utopian, and forced an idea of the future". In a nod to Metronomy's recently realised lust for all things retro—their current album Love Letters was recorded in London's famous, and very analogue, Toe Rag Studios—Cooper also cited Angus McBeans famous EMI building photo for The Beatles' album Please Please Me as a visual inspiration.

    Take a Dramamine and then watch the video below:

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