Baeble's Perfect Date Mixtape
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 2014

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    In the age of Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, and a million other alternatives to physical music media, the art of crafting that perfect mixtape is as lost an art as blowing the dust out of an SNES cartridge. It isn't enough that you have the right tracks on the tape. You gotta put them in the right order with the right attention to how songs contribute to the overall... mood of a romantic rendezvous. You don't start off with R. Kelly's "Bump & Grind." You gotta work your way up to that plateau. And, so, we thought we'd do all of you lustful lovers out there a favor and provide you with a perfect mix.

    (A quick note. This mixtape will prescribe to the limitations of a classic blank CD, i.e. 80 minutes.)

    Miguel -- "Do You"

    You meet a girl and you find out you share certain shared... chemical interests. So, you go back to your place to partake.

    The Shins -- "Kissing the Lipless"

    And it's immediately apparent the second she gets to your place that the sexual chemistry is through the roof. You can't stop sneaking looks at each other.

    Charli XCX -- "Take My Hand"

    But, you finally make that first move. And it is glorious.

    Disclosure feat. Sam Smith -- "Latch"

    And now you're discovering each other. And it's awkward at first, but slowly but surely, you discover each other's groove.

    TV on the Radio -- "Wolf Like Me"

    And like a flipped switch, things kick into that next gear. Prepare yourself; things are about to get steamy.

    Janelle Monae feat. Miguel -- "Primetime"

    And you know where things are going now. They may not quite be there yet, but there's a... direction your evening is heading.

    Savage Garden -- "Truly Madly Deeply"

    So, now you might start laying down some cheesy lines. And, yeah, they're dorky as hell, but in the moment, they sort of work.

    First Aid Kit -- "Emmylou"

    But somewhere between the dorky lines and the first layers of clothing coming off, you think to yourself, "I might actually like this girl."

    Bjork -- "Pagan Poetry"

    And, whoops, there go the rest of your clothes.

    Frank Ocean -- "Pyramids"

    And, we got there. Pure, spaced out bliss.

    Bat For Lashes -- "Laura"

    And as you're in this most ancient of human activities, you're overwhelmed by how beautiful the person you're with truly is.

    Bon Iver -- "Skinny Love"

    And we're not saying you're in love yet, but you're starting to see the potentiality of love. Not just in this girl but in the universe itself.

    Fleetwood Mac -- "Dreams"

    And as you're lost in the total communion and otherworldly pleasure of the moment, you get a glimpse of the world as it could be -- the world you want to live in.

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs -- "Maps"

    And things start coming to... a close, and you realize that you have something with this girl. And that maybe, "They don't love you like I love you."

    Usher -- "Climax"

    Well... you know... use your imagination, folks.

    Chairlift -- "I Belong In Your Arms"

    And, now you're laying in a post-coital embrace. And you never want to let this girl go.

    Chromatics -- "Kill For Love"

    And in that haze between passion and its aftermath, you take stock of your actions. Was it right? Was it wrong? Does it matter when it's this much fun?

    Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show -- "A Little Bit More"

    But, at the end of the day, what you realize is that sometimes all you need is a little bit more.

    You can find the Spotify version of this play list here. There's also an embed/link of the Youtube Playlist version of this mixtape for those of you who want them all at once but don't have Spotify.

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