T.G.I.Mixtape 124
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    It's hurricane season! We're not sure if it was the repetitive onslaught of torrential rain that bombarded New York City for the better portion of the week, but we've collected a number of tunes this week that definitely fit the category of rainy day tunes. We've got some uptempo, some haunting, and all most befitting a windowsill covered in droplets. Curl up in a blanket, bust out the leftover hurricane booze, and enjoy.

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    1. "Replicate" - Fanfarlo - Untitled

    The first single off of Fanfarlo's as-of-yet untitled sophomore LP. Get ready for the grandoisity, this is just a warmup.

    2. "Off-Screen" - Kevin Devine - Between The Concrete

    Kevin Devine's signature warbly voice (usually spliced with some acoustic guitar) actually goes quite well with a big fat riff, as he demonstrates on the opening track of his new album.

    3. "The Creature" - Kurt Vile - So Outta Reach EP

    This song needs an umbrella.

    4. "You Don't Know How Lucky You Are" - Keaton Henson - You Don't Know How Lucky You Are

    We don't know much about this guy except that Zane Lowe (BBC Radio 1 DJ) has been tweeting about him nonstop and his music is all rooted in a nasty breakup, and he has crippling stage fright, and this might be the saddest song we've heard all year.

    5. "How Deep Is Your Love?" - The Rapture - In The Grace Of Your Love

    To make up for the crippling emo of that last one, our favorite hands-in-the-air anthem of the week, totally on replay in our brains.

    6. "Party In The U.S.A. (Miley Cyrus Cover)" - Tokyo Police Club - Ten Covers, Ten Days, Ten Years

    It doesn't get any better than TPC covering Miley Cyrus as the final installment in their "Ten Covers" project, unless we're also drunk.

    7. "Everything Falls Apart" - The One AM Radio - Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread

    This is your bi-weekly reminder that The One AM Radio are awesome. This album is out now.

    8. "Dawned On Me" - Wilco - The Whole Love

    Siked for the new Wilco record later this month. Jeff Tweedy is an American hero.

    9. "For The One" - WATERS - Out In The Light

    We've already mentioned Van from Port O'Brien has moved from port to sea, but we wanted to remind you with another awesome song from the forthcoming record out 9/20 on TBD Records.

    10. "Civilian" - Wye Oak - Civilian

    We know it's not exactly new music (been around since before the summer). But we've been spinning this song a lot during the whipping winds and rainfall. It's a good wet weather song for your hundercane mixstorm.

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