MP3: Fanfarlo
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    London-based sensational rockers Fanfarlo left us floored with their foot-stomping when we filmed them in Philadelphia, and we're psyched to see the kings (and queen) of strings returning to their delicate building blocks on the first release from their as-of-yet untitled sophomore LP. Hear the first track after the jump.

    From the band:
    There is so much we want to show you! It was hard to decide where to start, but we decided to start at the beginning. So here is the first song from our new album it's called "Replicate". Over the summer there were so many visual ideas we wanted to incorporate in presenting this music to you, both on your screens and live, coming to play in your city. The first puzzle piece is this video we made in collaboration with Alex Southam:

    You can also grab a copy of the track for free when you subscribe to the Fanfarlo newsletter on their site. More cryptic details soon, we're sure.

    And bone up on your Fanfarlo history with our Philly concert vid.

    Watch the full video at

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