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    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 2010

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    Photos by Phoebe Chung. For more shows, check out our photo section

    Blonde Redhead kicked off Gilt City's New York Fashion Week at the Tribeca Grand Hotel on Tuesday night. Their set mostly comprised of amazingly galactic and moody songs from their newest album, Penny Sparkle, though they also played a few fan favorites like "23", "Dr. Strangelove", and "SW". There was an incredible and unique light show accompaniment with each song, which only elevated the impressive ambiance.

    The performance was just downstairs from the hotel lobby-- pre-stage time, guests enjoyed free, delicious Brooklyn Brewery beers, cocktails by Tequila Avion, and clutched their limited edition copies of Penny Sparkle... Afterward, the after party! Yep, if you were there, you were invited to hang out with the band and their guests upstairs. Ridiculous.

    Penny Sparkle is out 9/14. -phoebe chung

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    Pictures:Blonde Redhead at the Tribeca Grand

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