fun of the day: google instant search
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 2010

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    Unless you live in an internet free cave, you probably noticed internet search giant Google added a new feature yesterday. Unfortunately, that feature assumes it knows you a little better than it actually does, leading to some unfortunate auto-searches (regarding your favorite artists). Read on.

    Valleywag reports:

    Try typing the first word, but wind up with the second...

    2. YEASAYER vs. YEAST INFECTION: Your favorite band is a bacterial imbalance in your vagina.

    4. VAGINA vs. VAGISIL: A formerly sexy search for female genitalia now provides information on how to cure your raging Yeasayer infection.

    See them all here.

    Googling this band will never be the same. -joe puglisi

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