Sam Smith Releases New Single 'Too Good at Goodbye'
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 08, 2017

    • Posted by: Annie Brinich

    It's the beginning of fall: the leaves are changing, people are starting to pull their sweaters out of the back of the closet, and the local radio station is trading in buzzy pop dance tracks for buzzy pop ballads. Enter Sam Smith, who has been on a bit of hiatus since dropping the single "Drowning Shadows" in 2015. Maybe the problem is that he's, as he sings in his newly released single, "way too good at goodbyes." Regardless, it's nice to have him back, especially on such a signature big-sound track as "Too Good At Goodbyes", which is a breakup ballad to belt at the top of your lungs.

    Like 2014's "I'm Not the Only One", "Too Good at Goodbyes" starts with mellow piano and Smith's vocals, eventually introducing some percussion and violin, and building to a big, dramatic gospel chorus. It's a fun song to sing along to, and Sam Smith's amazing voice, as always, lends power to the clever, if melancholy, lyrics.

    "Too Good at Goodbyes" is everything I expect from a Sam Smith single. It's a song about love being difficult; it's about about being scared of being hurt. His lyrics refer to intense insecurity in relationships: "So I'm never gonna get too close to you / Even when I mean the most to you / In case you go and leave me in the dirt."

    Smith does these emotional, dramatic ballads about being a cynical romantic extremely well, and it's nice to have him back. Smith's last full album "In the Lonely Hour" was released in 2014. Let's hope this single is just a teaser for more music to come.

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