MOME Wraps Up Summer By Bringing Beach Feels To The Knitting Factory
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 08, 2016

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    The Knitting Factory has always been a silly, mysterious venue to me before I went to see møme perform last friday for the late show. I always thought, "Is it an old knitting factory? Is it a big warehouse?" Turns out - its just a normal bar with a venue in the back, expensive beers, dive bar-esque bathrooms and a silly name.

    Anyway, I walked into the venue during White Cliffs, who was playing a remix Kaytranada's "LITE SPOTS," which immediately won over my heart because thats one of my favorites. His energy was contagious and it looked like he was having a blast on stage, which is impossible not enjoy while watching. Some other highlights from what I saw of his set were his remixes of Abby Diamond's "Good," Louis The Child's "Strange feat. K. Flay" and his own produced song, "Comfortable." White Cliff's set was full of upbeat vibes and definitely got the crowd dancing.

    Møme snuck onto the stage with a huge smile across his face and went right into his opening song. Paris-based Jeremy Souillart aka møme spent time in Australia while recording his EP and he turned his van into a mobile music studio as he drove from one side of the country to the other - meeting other musicians to make music with. Which completely explains where he got the tropical chill-wave surfer sounds with the slightest hint of French soul.

    Its always a toss-up to see producers perform live as it could go one way or the other. You have the producers who pretty much press play on their laptops and dance minimally as the crowd listens to a pre-made mix. And then you have the producers who perform every bit of each song and get down as they bop along. Møme is one-hundred percent the latter and not only does he perform his tracks live, but you can tell how much he enjoys it.

    He performed each of his tracks off his EP - some highlights included "Mirage" and "Clones" - and during each track, his hands never stopped moving as he was pressing buttons and turning knobs all over the place. During his hit-track, "Aloha," he played his guitar along with the song as he would go up to the crowd and sing along to the vocals from Merrynn Jean (who unfortunately couldn't make the show). After a short, high-energy and incredible set, Møme thanked the crowd and left everyone in an upbeat, happy daze.

    Møme has quickly become an international success and for a very good reason - the dude has some serious talent. Even though his set began after midnight at the Knitting Factory, the room was packed and the crowd's energy levels were through the roof. Even though last weekend marked the end of summer, a night full of the chill-wave, tropical sounds from Møme was an appropriate way to bid adieu to the warmer months.

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