St Vincent Embraces Her Roots In Documentary Short
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 08, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I love Annie Clark. That's the least surprising statement by a person writing about "indie" music on the planet but here we are, and this short documentary about her returning to her homestate of Texas only endears her to me more. As someone who also grew up in a rural town in the middle of nowhere but also as someone who brimmed with creative impulses, those small town roots can feel suffocating when you're there, but you grow to miss them a bit when you're gone. And watching Annie wander around the Texas plains and sing the National Anthem at a small baseball game, I recognized a bit of myself in her (although I could never pull off her outfit). I'm not sure what was up with the chihuahua in the bow tie though.

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