Oberst Releases
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 08, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    It's been a few months since Conor Oberst released his newest solo album, Upside Down Mountain, and the attendant music video for "Zigzagging Toward the Light," but if you thought he was lying fallow in that time, well, you probably arent very familiar with Mr. Oberst and his prolific output. For those whod begun to doubt, though, hes back with a suitably depressing music video for the regret-wracked "Common Knowledge." Like "Zigzagging Toward the Light" before it, this music video follows a long-and-greasy-locked Oberst through a day in the dreary and seemingly empty near-future dystopia of 2024 as he dwells on regrets, mistakes and a whole fun-house of haunting memories (so, you know, just another day-in-the-life).

    If thats too depressing, note that the newest music video presages the beginning of a whole new leg on Oberst's US tour, which starts on September 14th, and that Oberst has announced that hell be commemorating Black Fridays Record Store Day event (thats November 28th, for those not in the know) with vinyl version of the heretofore unreleased songs "Standing on the Outside" and "Sugar Street."

    For those who enjoy a sobering burst of melancholy in the morning, check out the video below:

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