Everyone Lampoons the 80s: New La Roux Video
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 08, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    Who doesn't miss the glut of garbage that seemed to flow freer the closer the 80s came to an end? There's a reason websites like "Everything is Terrible" have immortalized the worst of that era, and why every three years there's something of a spoof-revival (it's even hit video games in the form of loving nonsense like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon). There was something inherently absurd and so hysterical in the excesses of those days, something that La Roux understands and perfectly lampoons in the video for her newest single, "Kiss and Not Tell".

    Though there's a suggestion of 80s New Wave in the island-flavored melody of this latest single — straight from her newest album Trouble In Paradise — that's more a matter of inspiration than attacking. The real target of her spoofing comes in the form of the music video: a neon-soaked and luridly-lit riff on all of those bizarro phone-sex-hotline commercials from the end of the Reagan era that anyone (un?)fortunate enough to stay up late on a Friday inevitably witnessed. If you enjoy or ever missed cheesy close-ups of too-red lips, metallic fonts, inappropriately inserted-and-suggestive rainbows (yup, that was a thing), huge-haired naked silhouettes and none-too-subtle visual innuendo then you'll find this every bit as fun a piece of pop ephemera as the insane cultural artifacts it's riffing on (and for those of you with a darker bent, well, the ending of the video pays more than a small bit of homage to Cronenberg's Videodrome. Make of that what you will).

    Those who are curious, bored or just oddly nostalgic for the good ole' days should check out the video below:

    (P.S. : The number flashed all throughout the video works; I'll leave it to you to figure out what waits on the other end of that phone line. Far be it from me to spoil the surprise.)

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