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    The serendipitous arrival of Band Of Horses in the exact town on the exact day when a couple (who got engaged at a BoH show) were planning to wed led to more than just a coincidence and a smile... The band showed up at the wedding (as a surprise) to play "Marry Song", thus melting all hearts in the room and reducing present company to a pulp.

    Via CoS:

    Long before the ceremony, then cool boyfriend Njal proposed to his then cool girlfriend Elin at a BoH show. The wedding by chance fell on the day that Ben Bridwell and his merry band were slated to play Dognvillfestivalen in Tromso, Norway. The couple wrote to the band, told them their engagement story. The band decided to surprise them.

    "Marry Song":

    Um, wow. Epic.

    Infinite Arms is out now. -joe puglisi

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