They're Back - Elizabeth and the Catapult just released a dreamy new video
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 07, 2018

    • Posted by: Nell Snow

    Watching artists grow is always exciting, but this is particularly true with Elizabeth and the Catapult, whose raw sound has evolved, changed, and grown more refined as the years have passed. Which is why, although we've had the opportunity to sit down and get and know Elizabeth and the Catapult pretty well, we're always eager to see what they put out next. And they've just released the newest chapter of their story, a dreamy song titled "New Beginnings." How fitting.

    Both the video and the song are filled with light. They perfectly convey the sort of peaceful, cheerful euphoria that comes with feeling like you're in the right place with the right person. It's a beautiful song to stream, but Elizabeth confirms that, even more so, "It's a really fun song to play and hear live." So if you live in the Northeastern United States, lucky you! You'll get the chance to hear it in concert - Elizabeth and the Catapult will be touring this fall.

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