THROWBACK THURSDAY: Angus and Julia Stone at Rockford Music Hall
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    Australian sibling duo Angus and Julia Stone are releasing their first album in three years next Friday, September 15th, called Snow.

    Angus and Julia got their start in music at a very young age, their parents were a folk duo before they were born, and the brother and sister followed in their footsteps. Angus and Julia, and their older sister Catherine, were all taught to play music by their father and taught to sing by their mother, and the five of them would often play together at family gatherings with Angus on trombone, Catherine on saxophone, Julia playing trumpet, their father playing keys or guitar, and their mother singing.

    The two began performing as a duo in 2006. Despite being siblings, the two have very different sounds. Angus is cautious in his lyric writing, and his voice is high, but not unpleasant. Julia is a romantic, that's clear in the way she writes her lyrics like an open book. Her voice is delicate, almost like a Disney princess. Together, they form an irresistible sound, their voices compliment each other, and it never sounds as though they are fighting.

    For this weeks TBT, we're bringing back this performance by Angus and Julia at Rockwood Music Hall back in 2010. The siblings played songs from their first two albums, A Book Like This (2007) and Down the Way (2010). Angus and Julia dazzled us with their songs "Santa Monica Dream" and "Big Jet Plane," and we're still wowed by how amazing these two are. They also showed off their funny sides, joking about how the two met, and how far back they go.

    If you're as impressed by this performance as we are, you can check Angus and Julia out on tour November through December.

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