Rostam's New Song 'Half-Light' Will Give You TBT Vampire Weekend Feels
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    Former Vampire Weekend member Rostam has just dropped a new single called "Half-Light." "Half-Light" is the title track from his upcoming solo debut album, out September 15th.

    "Half-Light" is a gorgeous piano-led song featuring Kelly Zutrau of Wet on guest vocals. The song begins with solemn piano and emotion laden vocals from Rostam. The track grows as drums and synth are added in following the first verse. The song fades into an echoey-nothing after the chorus, and comes back again with soft piano and Zutaru, who sounds almost as if she is singing underwater.

    The biggest takeaway from this song is just how much influence Rostam had in Vampire Weekend. Besides the fact that Ezra Koening's unique voice is missing, it's almost impossible to delineate this song from a Vampire Weekend song. Everything from the melody to the production to the way the song is written sounds like old school Vampire Weekend.

    There's no doubt in my mind that Rostam and Half-Light are going to be a hit. The singles that we have already heard ("Half-Light," "Bike Dream," and "Gwan") are spectacular, so the rest of the album is bound to be as well. But it begs the question, what are future Vampire Weekend songs going to sound like without Batmanglij? Whatever it sounds like, we'll soon have Half-Light to get our quirky, upbeat fix.

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