Miguel's New Single 'Shockandawe' is a Pump-Up Departure
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Annie Brinich

    Miguel has long been known for slow, sexy singles like "Adorn" and "Coffee." His smooth voice has been a go-to for features on R&B and hip hop singles by artists like Wale, A$AP Rocky, and Mariah Carey. But with his last few releases, the singer has been going in a noticeably different direction. "Shockandawe", Miguel's new single, is a fast, aggressive track, with less traditionally melodic singing and more hip-hop vocals, paired with an energetic beat and electric guitar riffs.

    "Shockandawe" follows another recent single, "Sky Walker" featuring Travis Scott, released just a few weeks ago. But where "Sky Walker" sounds more like a trap-influenced track, Miguel's newest song sounds like reggae/rock, and newer sound for him, and a direction not a lot of traditional R&B folks have tried out in the past. Miguel's best songs are the ones where he goes solo--he's not a feature and he's not just singing for a few seconds during the chorus, or covering another artist's song (although his voice in A$AP Rocky's Rod Stewart-sampled version of "Everyday" is gorgeous)--he's doing things at his own tempo and exploring his range in the generally very open, easy space in his songs.

    He gets to work alone in "Shockandawe", and it works. "Shockandawe" is a pump-up track, more impatient than his previous work, but still playfully Miguel. And with lyrics like "I dropped the bomb / Did I take your bomb / Just shock and awe / Better brace yourself," it sounds like Miguel is warning fans and haters that he's about to release a lot more good music in the near future.

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