Adele Who? Kelly Clarkson is Back!
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    The OG American Idol star is back with two brand new songs and a newly announced album, hot off the presses. Her eighth album, Meaning of Life, will be out on October 27th via Republic Records. For now, we'll just have to hold ourselves over with those two new singles.

    The lead single is titled "Love So Soft" and it's a little different than what we have come to know from this pop-rock queen. "Love So Soft" is a soul song with a healthy dose of trap undertones. The verse has heavy soul influences, equipped with swinging background vocals similar to that of the Supremes or Gladys Knight & The Pips. The chorus is where the trap part of it comes in, with the super-catchy melody sitting comfortably on top of hip-hop beats. And of course, the bridge features Kelly's signature belt. The power of the beat and Kelly's voice makeup for the subpar lyrics like "Love so soft, you ain't had nothing softer / Break it then you buy it and it sure gonna cost ya / Love so soft that you can't rub off / You gon' love it if you try it."

    The music video also helps to distract from the mediocrity of the lyrics. Kelly has never looked better than she does in this highly stylized, expertly choreographed video. Despite Kelly's minimal share of the dancing, she is absolutely dripping with sass, especially when she's walking around in a Lemonade-like dress, and in the Formation-esque hat scene. Kelly is serving look after look in this video.

    We all know Kelly can absolutely murder a ballad, and that's exactly what she does on the second single "Move You." This ballad is more similar to "Love So Soft" than her previous hits in the sense that there is a very strong soul influence. It starts in a typical pop-rock way with minimal instruments save for drums and vocals, but there's a very soft organ that helps to usher in Kelly's new, more soulful sound. This song once again heavily relies on background harmonies. Kelly takes us to church in this single, specifically as she belts out "I wanna move you like that" over a gospel choir, and if that doesn't stir up some kind of emotion in you, there's something wrong with you, idk.

    Kelly's new sound is a welcomed change, as her voice has always been so much bigger than the pop-hits she's known for, and it's time for her to really let that incredible vocal talent shine.

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