WTF WEDNESDAY: The End of Hiddleswift, Bieber's Dog's Instagram Account, and More

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    This week was filled with lots of weird stuff.

    No, scratch that, nothing that weird really happened.

    This week was just filled with LAME stuff. People broke up, dogs made Instagram accounts, and people tried purchasing some gift cards at their local supermarket... Really, what's the big deal? Why are we making a big deal out of some of these things? We need the #JuicyStories people!!!

    1. TayTay and TomTom are #dunzo.

    The first WTF moment this week comes from Taylor Swift, who broke off her lame relationship with Tom Hiddleston... That lasted for about an hour. Apparently the reason was because Hiddleston was using Swift for her fame, but like, isn't Hiddleston already super famous without her? He's a classic #HiddlestonHottie and starred in The Avengers and Thor and shit. Sorry Taylor, but the world does not revolve around you. *Hand clap emoji*. I mean, although all of these relationships are pretty #boring, we still praise Taylor for scorin' these cuties. Seriously -- Tom and Calvin are TALL. But for some reason, none of them are sticking around... #TheyAreNeverEverGettingBackTogether. #BabyNowWeGotBadBlood. #TaylorKnewYouWereTrouble. Welcome to New York HELL.


    2. Justin Biebz isn't back on Instagram yet, but his dog sure is.

    You can't make this shit up, folks. A few weeks ago Bieber deleted his Instagram account. I wasn't really too invested in the story -- apparently he was flaunting his new GF and Selena Gomez, his ex, got pissed? So then he deleted his account altogether? Cool... Well anyway, fans have been eagerly refreshing their feeds to see when Bieber will come back. So far, there's been no sign of the singer, however, a new family member joined the Insta community, his new pup, Todd! (Seriously? He named his dog Todd?) It's unclear if Bieber is running the account himself but who cares! We will take any glimmer of Justin we can get! #BaeWeMissYou #ToddsCuteButYouAreCuter #BabyComeBack #Pls

    Oh and his other dog, Esther The Cutie (?????) also has an account. Poor dogs have to compete for followers now... (But seriously, who do you think is cuter?)

    Hey. It's me Todd.

    A photo posted by Todd (@toddthestud) on


    A photo posted by @estherthecutie on

    Wake up and play with me @toddthestud.

    A photo posted by @estherthecutie on

    Friends or RIVALS?

    3. Apparently, Zendaya ain't qualified to buy gift cards. And she real salty about it.

    Word on the street is that Zendaya recently went to Vons (a grocery store) in Los Angeles to buy $400 worth of gift cards and the cashier DENIED HER. And the cashier wasn't polite about it. Instead of handing her wallet back, she threw it at Zendaya, causing all of her credit cards to fall out onto the scanner as the cashier proceeded to checkout the next customer. #WTF? After the incident, Zenny took to Snapchat to explain the whole story and she was pretty heated about it and claimed the cashier didn't believe she could afford $400 worth of gift cards because of her "skin tone." #DOUBLEWTF. Now, I'm not totally trained on the gift card purchasing process, but apparently there's certain rules because of credit card theft and blah blah blah. So I don't know. But that's not an excuse. Zendaya should have been able to buy them. I hope she went to Ralph's and got her gift cards there! And then maybe treated herself to a turkey, lettuce, and bacon sandwich at the deli 'cause they're pretty #TASTY.

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