Music Video Premiere:  Appetite

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Appetite's Teddy Briggs claims, "songs keep writing themselves", in song actually, on the first track from his recently released new album Scattered Smothered Covered. That's quite an admission considering the instrumental make up of "Warn Me, Right". The music this 27 year old Californian creates isn't the easiest to put one's finger on, pulling inspirational strands from the worlds of electronica, hip hop, indie, and more international affair. Briggs also put together a video for the song, which we're happy to be premiering on the site today. Both song and video alike have a skittish, yet playful character, reminiscing of Menomena as it plods along. Sounds like the stuff of months of creative work to us... though I suppose if these fun loving concoctions just kind of come to Briggs, then he should count his lucky stars, and keep at it until the songs stop writing themselves. Check out the Adam Davies directed video below.

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