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    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 07, 2010

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    While you were putting Summer to sleep (or not, if you live in Brazil), the music world was slowly mulling about, eager to snap into a new season. Google is plotting a great music war, ATP was happening, and no one returned my emails.

    Google Music: Rumored to be arriving by Christmas. Google's competitive music service aims to dethrone the king... Apple currently has a stranglehold on your favorite artists and labels, a majority of the market that Amazon's MP3 store has done little to make a dent in (although their service is great). When Google steps up to the plate, there may be some significant price wars, not to mention the first "cloud" service to be integrated natively into a mobile OS, leading to a shift in the way we purchase and consume music. Stay tuned, this will effect all music fans. [via The Daily Swarm]

    Your Kanye West Tweet Update (because it's news now?).

    Brought to you by Digital Music News. Kanye is continually confusing/impressing us with his direct-to-fans approach at just about anything on his mind. This weekend's topic of discussion: the infamous ego. First one is a doozy (it was the final tweet):

    > I'm sorry Taylor.

    > I'm ready to get out of my own way. The ego is overdone... it's like hoodies

    > I want to win there hearts back so I can continue to bring my take on culture to the masses with a clean opinion.

    > I wish they could accept that I've grown and only want to do good for the world. I want to help as many people as I can.

    See the whole thing at DMN.

    ATP Festival, Curated in part by filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, Kutsher's Country Club, Monticello, NY.

    The infamous indie retreat took place in the Catskills this weekend, with performances from Sonic Youth, F*cked Up, Iggy and the Stooges, The Breeders, Girls, and many more. We couldn't make it, but I'm sure someone out there has the full report.

    Exciting week... we're gearing up for new videos, new writers, and CMJ events... -joe puglisi

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