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    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 07, 2010

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    A pesky bunch of Brooklynites we've had our eye on for the past couple years, Suckers' psychedelic pop skirmishes offers listeners a wicked plunge into a melodious world that is untamed, extravagant, and unyielding. Referencing the band's intrepid debut Wild Smile, our own Selden Paterson noted, "Suckers take a beautifully compiled bank of a few riffs and few vocal tricks, and throw them into every imaginable combination to construct an album that's an impressive balancing act. Juggling their instincts of slow and fast, upbeat and laidback, weird and normal-ish, sinister and animated, they've got all the elements and Wild Smile is the perfectly choreographed chaos worthy of listening to on repeat for sure." That kind of repeat behavior generally leads to the live arena, which is where we find the band in our latest concert release.

    Taking the stage of the Bowery Ballroom late last spring, Suckers present some of Wild Smile best moments to a hometown audience happy to have them back from their tour in support of Local Natives. Here, the band brew an indigenous blend of singing, shouting, stomping, and chanting, all while pairing eccentric audibles with the kind of inventive presentation elements that are just not possible when merely plugged into a pair of ear buds. Donning capes, profane spears of sharpie on their bodies, and quirky styles of play (the best coming from drummer Brian Aiken), Suckers smack a wild smile on the face of anyone who encounters them. Thanks to our latest concert release, that might mean your mug as well. - David Pitz

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