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    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 07, 2010

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    The boys from Klaxons are back, and they're angry. At whom or what, exactly, I'm not sure, but the added grit is a welcome layer to top off the now defunct "new rave" designation Klax rode into the limelight three years ago. Surfing the Void as a whole is more sophisticated than 2007's Myths of the Near Future. It's sonically denser and more abstract; two qualities which often get misinterpreted as maturation. Don't be fooled. While the album might seem like it traded in its dance shoes for loud prog-punk studio cred, Surfing the Void retains most of the defiant, genre-bending "I don't give a f*ck"-attitude that made their first album good to begin with, harnessed into a different, angry space for a different, angry time.

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