WTF WEEKLY: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Might Be Back Together + MORE

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    1. Taylor Swift has already trademarked all of the phrases from her new album Reputation.

    Wait, what do you mean Taylor Swift has already started up the process of getting as much money as she possibly can? Sure, her new album, Reputation, isn't out yet, but that's not going to stop her. The T in Taylor stands for "Time ain't for wasting!" She has already started trademarking every phrase off the new album so she can slap it on stuff like shirts, pins, hats, fidget spinners… You name it!

    Taylor, pretty sure the only time we'd listen to you say "the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now. Why? …'cause she's dead!" again would be if we were blasting it on such a righteously loud volume, that we'd get tinnitus and never have to hear it again.

    Okay, that was a bit extreme. Tinnitus isn't a joke (wear earplugs to concerts, please), but point is, we don't want to hear that song again, let alone wear it on a shirt. Then again though, if Kanye was capable of making bank with his bad merch, I guess anything is possible.

    Let it be known that Taylor also tried to trademark the year 1989 when that album came out. She tried to trademark the year she was born! If that doesn't scream narcissistic money grabber, than I don't know what does. Don't forget, this is the same woman whose Instagram page is primarily just promo for her new album. #IsTaylorActuallyARealPerson? Let's get it trending!

    2. Aaron carter gets in a car crash, then he tweets about it a lot.

    Now, you'd think it'd be hard for us to find Aaron Carter's Twitter after he blocked our account for talking about him on WTF Weekly, but the internet is a wild, beautiful thing… And Aaron Carter's profile is public. So when he got into a car crash, Aaron did what Aaron does best: he tweeted about it.

    First it started with this:

    According to US Weekly:

    "Aaron Carter is thankful to be alive after getting into a car accident on Tuesday, September 5. The 29-year-old revealed on Twitter that he was involved in a crash. ‘Life is really so precious, I just got into a terrible accident and completely totaled my BMW M4,' he tweeted. ‘TBH this shit hurts my arms hurt my legs hurt all my airbags went off I broke my nose this is fucked up.'"

    Hey, if I just got into a crash, assuming I was alive and totally fine, I'd probably be happy that I finally got rid of my piece of shit car that is a 15 year old Jeep with more problems than Jay-Z. This guy is over here bragging about his BMW!

    Then, a source told Entertainment Tonight that Aaron might be over-exaggerating a little:

    A source close to the singer tells ET that Carter did not break his nose, contrary to his tweet... Police were called to the scene and drove Aaron home and his car was towed.

    It is unclear if Aaron's BMW is a total loss yet.

    But what an unexpected plot twist:

    3. Katy Perry might be back with Orlando Bloom.

    Katy Perry has been in a couple of serious relationships, like with John Mayer and the wild beast that is Russell Brand, and then of course, there have been some guys who she was seeing just for fun, like Diplo, Chris Martin (maybe?), and most prominently, Orlando Bloom. The two had been casually dating for a bit before they broke it off, but after sharing a beachy getaway together over Labor Day weekend, it's looking like they might be picking things up again. The two were seen paddle boarding in California. #BaeGoals and cream cheese, amirite?

    A source told E! News that this means they're probably back together:

    "They wanted to initially take things slow but they love being together and traveling with each other so it just so happen to speed up. They are in a great place and hope this time is going to work out. They are good traveling companions. They both love the outdoors."

    Well sure, I love pork pies just as much as Guy Fieri, but that doesn't mean we're meant to be together!

    Katy recently said she's too busy to be with a man, but I beg to differ! She was also caught with Bloom at an Ed Sheeran concert. If you're willing to not only be stranded in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with a man but also suffer through "Shape Of You" for the 500th time, it's gotta be love.

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