What to Expect on Beck's New Album 'Colors'

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    The newest single from Beck's upcoming album, Colors, premiered this weekend on Gary Calamar's KCRW radio show. Although it has not been officially released, "No Distraction" is the fourth single from the album, following "Dreams," "Wow," and "Dear Life."

    Beck is a master of reinventing his sound, so it's hard to determine what exactly to expect on Colors. Beck's first album, Golden Feelings, has a clear genre: anti-folk, which is where Beck got his start. Every album after that differed, from the psychedelic sound of 2008's Modern Guilt, to the R&B vibe of Midnite Vultures (1999) to the alternative hip-hop sound of 2006's The Information. Beck is a genre chameleon; he is able to change his lyrical, vocal, and musical style to fit any sound that is thrown his way.

    Based on the singles, Colors is going to be a throwback rock album with elements of psychedelic pop. The lead single, "Dreams" was inspired by MGMT and Daft Punk, and that's clear in the upbeat tempo, and the "trippy" sound. "Dear Life" is reminiscent of a Beatles' song; something that didn't make the cut for Sgt. Pepper's or The Magical Mystery Tour. The most recent single, "No Distraction" sticks with the throwback rock vibe, this time bringing forward the guitar voicings and chords of The Police.

    So, what exactly should you expect going into Colors? Not to be cliche, but you should expect the unexpected. The songs we have already heard have definite old school rock vibes, but this is Beck we're talking about... the next single he drops could be a straight-up rap song. Regardless of genre, Colors is going to be an amazing album, as Beck goes above and beyond for everything he puts out. We can all sit around and pick a genre for Colors when it drops on the 13th of this month.

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